Horse Games Online

Online horse games

Multiplayer online horse world where players can capture their horses, train, groom and compete against other players. Very unique virtual Sim Horse game. Practice, breed and show your virtual horses, build your stable, chat in our active community and test your skills in stable management.

Multiplayer online horse game

The game allows many gamers to interactively search for hunting animals that roam the land. As soon as you have a horse, you can practice it, take good good care of it and start competing with other people. Even though the word art charts are plain 2-D charts, they have been wonderfully crafted to make an interesting and huge universe to discover.

Multiple different enjoyable gaming activities: Capture, train and compete with your horse. This includes races, show jump, horse riding - all games for many players. To win these tournaments you need a mixture of the skills of your horse and your skills in the respective match. Play mini-games around the globe for play value and enjoyment. Solve story-based quest- making and adventure by speaking with character in-game.

There' s a wide variety of tasks, from hidden treasures, maze and paintings to the simple return of a book! Designation and maintenance of your horse. Find a better turn, or even find a neat puppy for your horse! Interact with other gamers via chats, personal chats, mailings, promotions, trade, competitively mini-games and collaborative mini-games.

In search of the earth for bury riches, rarities and secret adventure. The attempt to get the highest number of points or best time in many different games. One of the constantly growing contents within the global world: More than 20 singular societies on different island and climate zones. Featuring unparalleled meteorological sys-tems. More than 100 horse races, very detailled with every race professionally represented in every colour.

More than 500 computer personalities (inhabitants) with whom you can interactively experience adventure and learning things. Several hundred items that can be found in the universe or dealt with during a quest. Over 60 mini-games, many of them on horseback. Lots of totally genuine sound tracks and gamemusic, professional made. Flash 8 is required for the multiplayer version, so any computer with Flash 8 should be able to run it (PC, MAC and Linux (with Flash Player 9)).

There is also a need for fast web access, so dial-up players may not be able to fully experience the experience.

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