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The Dover is your source for riding equipment for all seasons. The Dade City Stack Store has restored well-kept horse equipment. CITY DADE - Jill DeSilva didn't miss a single beating when a young catgirl asked her to make a crosswalk fence. "DeSilva said. DeSilva wanted to blend her retailing expertise with a reputable name for high value leathers restoration when she opened her Bit of Both Tack Shop in Dade City last November.

However, the varied and varied locals keep them on their toes and improve their chances of being successful. "I' m doing my quota," DeSilva said. "The work of riders who know it is best to repair precious turning points in narrow time. "They all have in mind fractured and frayed leather, clasps, iron and blankets," DeSilva said.

" Born in Massachusetts, DeSilva, 42, bets on her first horse at the age of 18 years. Twenty years ago she came to Florida to trot with her man, Ronnie DeSilva, now horse coach at Newsome Game. DeSilvas are feeding and training six trotter and five leisure horse on their Dade City estate.

Every horse uses on board an ordinary 50 pounds of sweetened food per horse per weeks. Dr. Chet Taylor has known Jill DeSilva since she worked as a vet at his Dade City Animal Hospital. It is his belief that there will always be a horse needed for services and fun.

"and has a way of bowing back for customers. "Certified Nurses Lea Thomas, an experienced rider from Dade City and former member of the U.S. Equestrian Team, brings her equipment to DeSilva's grocery stores. "DeSilva has 30 trailers in her free-standing 2,000 square meter grocery at 14449 Seventh St. She stocked the essentials from rugs, seat upholstery, harnesses, bridle and holders to a large selection of care products.

Oral propaganda has quickly expanded among the many horse organisations in the area, among them Sunshine Raceway, Southcreek Fox Hounds, Sheriff's Posse, Cowboys for Christ and the District Six Barrel Racing Association. Jill DeSilva will be on the fringes when Little everglades Ranch holds the Southeast Conference Olympics competitions this months and Ride for Hospice holds its March 31st fundraising event at Diamond B Ranch in Trilby.

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