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HORSE GIFTS Here we have a large choice of horse gifts, movies, toy, puzzles.... and more!

Find the right present for the young horse enthusiast. We have a vast range of Horsey gifts for youngsters. D259 ", "d259.html", "HORSE GIFTS GAMES",'',' One stop shopping for horse gifts. There is a high standard of horse play, boardgames and handicrafts on sale.

D169 ", "d169.html", "HORSE GIFT CARDS",'','''],["D246", "d246.html", "HORSEHAIR ACCESSORIES ",'',''Horse Haarlips, enchanting barrettes for the little horse-friend. Horsehair accessoire hobby-pin, brown-white lacquered horse. SWITCH],["D262", "d262.html", "HORSE ALARM CLOCK",' ',' '],["D161", "d161.html", "HORSE JEWELRY",' ',' '],["D819", "d819_HORSE_HAIR_JEWELRY. html ", "HORSE HOIR JEWELRY",'',' designers of wonderful horsehair jewellery from horse or bangs hair...horsehair jewellery made in Germany.

Decoration for horse-haired. Horse coat jewellery with ponytail for the production of horse coat stalks, horse coat bands, horse coat bands and horse coat collars and horse coat charm. D265, d265.html, HORSE GIFTS MISC.,' HORSE GIFTS MISC.',''],["D258", "d258.html", "CHILDREN HORSE SHOOL SUPPLIES",' ',' '],["D261", "d261". html ", "HORSE STATIONARY",'',' horse textbooks and gifts incl. horse and riding equipment. D260 ", "d260.html", "HORSE T-SHIRTS",' " ",''Horse T-shirts are $19.99 The best choice of Horse and Horse Long sleeve Horse tees.

D236 ", "d236.html", "HORSE MANMADE BEAGS, PUES, TOTE BAGS",'',' horse handbag, hand bag, hand bag and accessories. Buy our large range of horse pouches and pockets. D267 ", "d267.html", "HORSE TOYS, HUFFED ANIMALS",'',',' We have a large choice of high class soft toy ponies and horse-toy. Various horse races and colours of filled softdrinks.

Browse to ]; EQUESTRIAN SUPPLIES FOR THE HORSE AND GIFTS, for horsemen! Explore inventive horse gifts for children. Horses T-shirts, horse jewellery for children, ....

Presents for horse enthusiasts

Look at a LeMieux Matchy set (matching pelmet, poloshirt and earcap). It is a very favourite look in today's riding world. The line is import from England and we have training and near touch saddles available. The LeMieux Acoustic Ears are no common auricle. Manufactured from multiple coats of sound-absorbing materials to minimise background noises and enhance sharpness regardless of deflection.

Ideal for the case of snows from the cupola or for noise-sensitive mounts. The LeMieux Luggage offers the classy rider everything he needs for the upcoming tournamenteason. Complementing helmet, bridles and boots there was a show kit pocket and a Garmet pocket with the LeMieux badge.

Riders adore their lotion and water. Our line of horse care products is unparalleled. This way you can be sure that you are giving them something they will like! Have a look at our full Guide of Gifts for Horse Lovers and if you need help, we are always there for you.

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