Horse Gloves

gauntlets for horses

SmartPak's large selection of riding gloves. Our range includes training and show gloves from well-known brands such as SSG, Roeckl, Heritage and Grand Prix. Riding gloves for women for show and training. Womens riding gloves top brands like Ariat, HorZe and Ovation. Select riding gloves in many styles and colours for everyday use or competition.

Equestrian Gloves

Reithandschuhe are a must for most horsemen. While they are an option for training and recreational horse rides, they are compulsory in most recognised contests. Reithandschuhe protects the arms of the horseman (or handler) against rubbing, blowing or burning, which can arise with the manipulation of rein, long leashes or ropes, and offers additional support for a safe stop.

The show ring features gloves for a shiny outfit. Anywhere else, gloves provide the opportunity to show your own individuality with colours and decorations. Reithandschuhe are in such a way designed that they are flexibly, but closely fitting, without any mass, in order to make possible an optimum feeling at the rein. In many constructions there are reinforcement in important areas to prevent abrasion.

riding gloves

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Reithandschuhe für Damen - Women Reithandschuhe

Gloves for the protection of your hand in all season. Womens gloves for your show or training needs.

The gloves are usually impartial colours such as white or darker. Training gloves are available in different funny colours. Women's gloves are made of different material like wool or cowhide. Today, more progressive fabrics such as polyamide or light imitation leathers are becoming increasingly fashionable.

We have women's gloves from Ariat, HorZeor Ovation.

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