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The maintenance of a day-to-day care programme is indispensable for good health of the hair and complexion. Equine brushes eliminate debris that prevents undesirable changes to the horse's skins and distribute oil that provides a shiny fur even when swimming is not possible. There is a wide range of accessories for horse care at reasonable costs.

The brushes are available with either nature or artificial brushes in a broad variety of brushes. Select from rigid brushes, middle brushes, smooth brushes and finish brushes. You need a different horse care for every important part of your horse's day to keep its fur and hide in good health and beauty.

Besides single brushes you will also find horse toothbrush sets. Purchasing a horse comb kit is the best way to know that you have the right tool to do the work. Which types of brushes and combs do I need for the right care? An elastic curry comb is used to softly increase the blood flow to the horse's skins and muscle.

Dandy Brushs are stiff-bristled brushes used after currying to eliminate the hardest part of loose and dirty coat. You can also use it to clean dry sludge from the horse's feet and horses feet. When your horse is particularly delicate, he may not be able to handle this rough bristle, so instead select a moderate rigidity one.

It is an ideal total toothbrush, especially for the horse who cannot wear a very rigid toothbrush. Smooth brushes are also known as finishing brushes. Featuring thin, smooth brushes that are positioned closely together, it is formulated to eliminate small debris from the horse's fur while smoothing the horse's fur.

It is used to strengthen the hair's shine. Scratches are an important care product. Like the name says, it was developed to clean sludge, rocks, manure and other residues from the hoofs of a horse. After all, what should a Great Grooming Set contain? Horsecare sets may differ with regard to the articles contained, but they should contain a gum hair, a middle bristled hairbrush, a crest of manes and tails and/or a hairbrush and a hoof-scratcher.

A few also have a rigid bristle and a welding spatula. Also we have care sets.

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