Horse Grooming Brushes uk

Brushes for horse care uk

Brush | Horze Brushes for horses make everyday grooming a pleasure and a relief. Effortlessly removes incrustations on sludge and debris with a stiff bristle sweeper. The brushes are ideal for thorough cleansing and horse massages. Good dark sherbet will help your horse unwind, clear the sludge and encourage elimination. Then use a scraper knife or a fast dendy knife to free up more powder and soiling.

Everyday care is a must for the healthful, lucky horse and Horze has the instruments to make this work a pleasure.

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Union Jack Design Magic Brushyn. Easy removal of horsehair from saddles and carpets and can be washed in the maschine. Four Magic BushPaks. Made of strong, stainless and hygienic synthetic materials, this slurry cleaner eliminates debris, cutters and stains. Here at Todally we like it because it can clean all kinds of horse blankets.

Horsehair brush'Haas'Fellglanz' Gentle. Satisfies all care and finishing requirements with a "pampering effect". Slight, smooth, densely weaved horse hairs are the features of this bristle-bed. Smooth horse-haired, for particularly glossy results. His Lipizzan paintbrush. A horsehair mix is used for this hairbrush.

Horsecare. Equestrian clothing. Blended face bristles for the face.

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Specially developed for this task. Tradional horse shoe cleaner with synthetic grip. Miraculous hysteresis paintbrush. This wonder bristle is for all horses and ponies with all kinds of coat and really works wonders! Martin Horse Care Cream. It is a high-quality pad for cleansing all areas of the horse that lasts the whole year.

Choice Mane & Tail Scrub. Pretty and smooth for those who are susceptible to grooms and well suited for removing dirt and dandruff. Perfekt Effol Bristle Cleaner. It is an ideal tool for the application of shampoos and for the quiet application of fluids, therefore also suited for delicate ponies. It can also be used for hoof cleansing.

Sample back bristle scrubber with artificial brushes. Get your cleaning things in shape. Choice Rigid Horse Care System. Sample polymer bristle cleaner with artificial brushes. Get your cleaning things in shape. Artificial back with a mixture of hairs for washing and washing hair. Baskets HySHINE Gel Paintbrushes. The KBF99 bucket cleaner.

Fibers are treated with KBF99 to give the bristle a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, which helps to prevent infections and reinfections of various cancers. Endol Hoofbross. Enlarged beech wood grip prevents injury to hands when washing the hoofs. It has rigid brushes that are perfect for the removal of sludge and stains.

The brushes are ideal for the removal of sludge, perspiration, dust and loss of coat. Awesome supplement to your care set. Smooth, elastic & double-sided textile glove. Choice for horse bodies using our Bodysoft Bodyshush. Facial Cleansing Brushs Deluxe. Ultraflexible horsehair braids with a polished back, specially developed to protect your horse's face.

Moist HySHINE Gel Mane & Tailbrushes.

New bristle-fastener for every Effol can. It is a convenient way of storing the cleaning tool to prevent other tools from getting soiled. Choice face scrubber for horses. Specially developed to soothe the delicate parts of the face. The LeMieux Hippo is the ideal two-in-one care tool.

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