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Equine care equipment

You will learn what you need to bring with you in your horse care set, from a curry comb and a hard brush to a hoof pick and a hoof blade. The TSC range includes horse grooming scissors, braided tapes, grooming sets, horse combs and sweat scrapers. Horsecare products listed Today's large selection of horse care equipment and accessories available to riders is fascinating. Over the years, riders use conventional bristles and curry trays, which are complemented by new, cutting-edge care technology. When you are just starting to build a care set - maybe you have just rented your first horse - the many possibilities of the care product can be stunning.

Or, perhaps you are a parental who hopes to astonish your youngsters with your own care set, but you are unsure which type of curry and brush is best suited for them. The book describes how different moulds are used and interrupts the construction process:

You will find instructions for the construction of a bath ing set under Tips for swimming your horse. The essential Grooming Supplies for Every EquestrianEvery Grooming Kits should have at least a hair curl combs, a rigid bristle bristles, a smooth bristle bristles and a scratch. This is an outline of the fundamental utilities needed for horse care.

Elastic tie crest - An economic, durable and indispensable implement for every cleaning container, the elastic tie crest is available in large and small size for large and small palms. It' brief gums gently stimulates the blood flow to the horse's musculature and hide and is the first instrument to loosen dirt and coat while brushing.

When you can only have one crust of honeycomb in your set, this is the right one for you. The Sarvis Crème Com - Another inexpensive and multi-purpose product for most cleaning box brushes, this robust synthetic crème has long teeths that can withstand long winters' coat and are efficient on dry sludge and fertiliser Spots.

It is used by some to comb mane and tail for two purposes; others find it useful when bathing as it foams soapsuds onto the horse's fur. Rigid or dandy bristle care sets should contain a very rigid bristle bristleset. Usually used immediately after curring to remove the thickest layers of dissolved soil and unwanted fibres, this kind of bristle is practical for cleaning dry sludge from a horse's thighs.

This can also be useful for removing sludge from the sidewalls of the hooves. Extreme delicate or thin-skinned ponies cannot stand the roughness of the hardest bristles, so test the degree of roughness from very hard to moderate stiffness to meet your horse's needs. Dendy bushes have a square form with ridges or outlines on the sides of the grip for added convenience in the palm of your hands.

Media Stiff/Medium Smooth Browse - A middle size toothbrush is a must for almost everyone, especially for those with a delicate horse who cannot stand the roughness of very hard hair. Various brands call middle types of brushs either moderately rigid or moderately smooth, but a middle type can be useful if your horse does not need the high strain of a very rigid one.

Middle sized types of brushs are available in both synthetics and nature. This is another indispensable instrument for every groove and is last used in grooming. The horse's supple, thin filaments are arranged very close together to eliminate the smallest dirt from the horse's fur and straighten the horse's head, enhancing its shine.

Available are smooth toothbrushes with either artificial, genuine or a mixture of both filaments and wood and plastic grips. Bodybrushes are egg-shaped and usually have a belt of genuine cowhide above the grip, while denim toothbrushes have a square form. Hufkratzer - The most important instrument in the care set is the horseshoe scratch.

They are available in all possible designs: with swing-away dry linen and bed linen sweepers, with funny forms and colours and with ergonomic design for more convenience in the palm of your hands. You can find magnet pickaxes that adhere to any metallic surfaces to keep them from slipping and those that can be folded into a bag.

There would be no cleaning boxes without a scratch to clean the hoofs from dung, sludge, stones and rubble. Tensile crest - Although some breed-specific rules allow long hairs, many mares used in sports events such as hunting, jumping, training and combination riding have their hair diluted and abridged.

To draw a mane, the easiest way is to use the tension combs. Sheeting Cutter - This shaving cutter has minute metallic prongs aimed at frizzy and baked silt. Most grooms prefer the use during the stable time when many hairs have to be taken off the horse. Due to the slightly abrasiveness of the tooth, a scraper knife should only be used in the most fleshy parts of the horse, so that the bone-forming areas, such as the protruding hip, the face of the horse and the feet are not abraded.

It can also be used for two purposes when bathing, as you can use the flat side to wipe away perspiration and moisture from your horse, instead of a perspiration mallet. Groomin Box/Tote - Here you will find all kinds of possibilities to comfortably keep your cleaning utensils, from cloth carrier bag to box with covers, pails and containers.

The two most beloved and traditionally used techniques are the synthetic care case or bag (shown) and the cloth care bag.... comes with everything you need for an indispensable care set. Contact your blacksmith to find out whether your horse should have a treatment or cream, and if so, your care set is the ideal place to keep it.

Removal of bots from flying eggsWhen you see small yellows on your horse's fur, you look at bots from flying balls and you need a removal utility. A robotic goat can lay its balls in groups on the horse's feet, sides, chin, shoulder or manes, but they can be placed anywhere on the horse's trunk and can be stretched out a little.

Their aim is for the horse to scrape its own tooth or a fellow grazer and take the balls so that the nymphs inside the horse can ripen (where they can cause damage to digestion and good digestion in the host). In order to avoid your horse taking the balls, immediately take them out with a Slick N Easy Grooming Tool for a full list of shops and the entire range of products.

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