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Equine Care Games

Select your horse and prepare it for the show or a ride! At Horse Grooming Salon, a free online game, you must try to give your best to maintain the beautiful horse. Did you always want to own and care for your own horse? Well, now you can play with the horse grooming game! The royal horse care must be carried out very carefully and comprehensively.

equine grooming room

This is your first outing at the Royal Pack Grooming Salon, and you have a very full time. Those three animals have been together all the time and are very filthy. She must take care of and train Watzit if he is to have a shot at victory....... Sweet kittens need your help to stay slim and give their best.

Washing, trimming, bathing and feeding these charming females in this too sweet managment delight! Baseball is a free children's and girls' fantasy puzzle adventure for all! It is a kingly domestic animal raised by a prince who absolutely adores it. I think the prince is particularly careful.....

As an animal keeper, your task is to make sure that every skinny boyfriend is going to be lucky and well. Locate and take good care of a sweet animal before its owners get excited! She is a Presidency prince and she likes to dress up for some of the President's marvellous partys!

During the winter season Rusty the Reindeer is very occupied. It has many obligations to fulfil this part of the year, and all this work has worn it out to take over. One of the most exciting games in the Tom Barbershop Business is a great chatting match in which you are responsible for the particulars.

Get that wicked little pup a bad head of beard! She always wanted her own horse. Those pups need your help in this sweet little toy-breed. Work with them in the drawing room and take good charge of them! Begin in our new Olaf Hairdresser Games with a barbershop and he will certainly look much better than the normal one.

For a big show your bangs need to be cleaned up. For a hairdresser and your own face cover, please take your bangs with you. One time a month the prince brings her animals to the nursery so they can take a dip and try on sweet new outfits. It' nursing time today, and the princess' rabbit wants to go first.

Bridegroom of these gorgeous but superbly filthy puppies back to their gorgeous self! Taking care of other people's animals is a big part of the job and this clean-up puzzle gives you a break before your new Pet customers come in. Wellcome to the North Pole Domestic Animal Parlor, where all the cute polar animals do their cleaning.

You' re new to this beautiful pets' parlour, so it's up to you..... Fynsy`s Beauty Parlour has become very much loved! Those sweet kittens got really filthy because they played outside. Now Mia, the proprietor of the pets saloon, has a full calendar by brushing these sweethearts.

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