Horse Grooming Set

Equine care set

Have all your clippers, brushes, sponges and other care products ready in an easy to stow place with horse grooming bags. Often purchased together Make your horse look its best with the Oster Equine Care Series 7-piece Horse Grooming Kit. An all-in-one horse care set that contains all the necessary equipment for quick and simple care, such as a rigid bristle brusher, a smooth bristle hairbrush, a rough curved crest, a maned and tailed crest, and a scuff.

They are equipped with elastic grips for a safe hold and additional convenience. Big qualities for a big prize! All I don't like is the gumdrop. In the end, I only bought separated gum and metallic hair to do the work. A really beautiful set of good looking products.

This one I purchased to keep in my horse trailers, which has a very small place under the crib. Perfect tool, great Starterkit, but the pedestal is difficult to use. Utilities do not remain well in it and you have to put them up to open them completely and keep the ridges in place (which our shed was not equipped with high hooks).

They are of outstanding workmanship and the construction set is a great present. I' d suggest to add a metallic honeycomb for desludging, because the curryer in the set is only suitable for dissolving cured sludge from riding etc.. I' d also suggest to add a final paintbrush, as the only smooth bristles of this set is the face treatment.

I am bought as a young horse and I am very satisfied with the qualitiy and shelf life of these articles. We' ve got the blues and the case seems to be of good qualitiy (although I don't really use the case, I keep all my instruments in a plastic case for a fast and simple use.

All I wish the pimple had a hairbrush at the end, but otherwise - great! I' ve been owning this for well over a year and use at least a portion of it daily (typically the rigid brush). This is a great, all-inclusive care set. This is the ideal present for a horse owners or a child of a fringe team.

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