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Equine care products

Buy care products and accessories from Schneiders and receive free shipping when you place a qualified order. The SmartPak accessories for horse care ensure that your horse always looks good. Now we offer you the best selection of accessories for horse care at reasonable prices. Care products and horse health products are necessary to be at hand in your tack room. Explore Jeffers Equine's wide range of horse care accessories, including scissors, trimmers, brushes, combs, blades and more.

Horsecare products - Schneider's

Care is an important part of horse possession at all levels. To make sure your horse's needs come first, we provide a range of the best choices. Maintaining the cleanliness of your horse is important for both looks and well-being, and you need reliable, high-quality care set items in order to really get a goodcleaning.

Schneider leads some of the best horse show care products and other everyday care supplies at unrivalled rates, all of which pledge to keep your manes, coats, tails and everything else cleaned from top to toe. Plus, when you buy care products from Schneider, you even get free delivery on qualified orders.

Begin with the toothbrushes, which are one of the most important basics of horse care. Schneider provides horse care products that help eliminate the accumulation of debris from the horse's coat, redistribute the horse's own oil and make the horse's coat look supple and sane. Our range includes nature and synthetics as well as rigid, middle, soft and fine hair.

Most of our toothbrushes even have ergonomically designed grips and wrist loops that make them lighter and more convenient to use. Besides bristles, we also supply more complicated moulds such as comb curries, welding scraper, care glove and mitten. Next, there are a range of toiletries and conditioning agents to help your horse's fur on bathing days. Here's how to do it.

You can be sure you're getting the best possible results with Farnam, EquiFuse®, Exhibitor's Labs and more. When you are looking for more show-specific items, Schneiders also supplies wicker and sleeve accessories such as wicker spray, elastic straps, threads and shears to make the job simpler than ever.

Refine your horse's bathroom with care products such as fur colour intensifiers, polishing spray, shine and polish that make your horse look its best before the show ring.

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