Horse Grooming Tote

Equine care bag

Keep all your horse care products in one place by storing them in a portable care bag from Schneiders. The SmartPak range includes a large selection of cleaning bags, cleaning containers, wooden cleaning boxes and hanging cleaning boxes. Avoid trips back to the trailer or barn for riders who show by storing a ring bag for your horse with care products and treats. A Bag in A Bag Horse Grooming Tote The handiest care bag on the market. I was astonished when we looked at other containers.

Horsecare products

For so many horse care accessories, it is vital to have a hairbrush cabinet in which everything can be stored. Consider everything organised with a grooming bag or grooming bag for a comfortable way to save and wear all your important horse care products. Choose from top-brand products such as Fortiflex®, Ascot and more for a high-quality and durable bristle holder.

Equine care products & organizer - Schneiders

Have all care products for your horse ready at home or on the move. Carrying cases, cases and pockets for large loads are spacious enough to store all your needs safely and comfortably. This small but fine care bag has a lot of space for all your care and bath utensils. Everybody thinks of the best toiletries, bristles and ribbons for horse care.

However, the best maintenance products you order may be the box in which everything is stored. Good horse grooming bags are a must for organising, storage and transport of your equipment for grooming your fur, manes and tails. You can choose from a beautiful range of Dura-Tech cleaning containers and organisers at Schneiders, who will quickly find a home in barns, saddle rooms, hangers and exhibition stands.

Our care pouches give you simple accessibility to all your care utensils and make them easier to move. ýGet the best value today on a horse grooming pouch that' s roomy and capacious enough for even pro grossomers to keep all their supplies. ý Our range includes the most important care cases for the last few seconds, luxurious care cases with several outer cases for frequently used articles, multi-purpose care cases with closed upper parts to protect against dirt and specific woven and banded cases that can be suspended from your waistbelt.

Bring a grooming pouch for your favourite colour and design so you can keep an overview even at highly frequented shows. When you are looking for an alternate for lack of storage capacity or features, you should consider our high-performance horse care stalls. Rigid plasterboards are impact and meteorological proof for use under sub-optimal circumstances.

Plaster cabinets with coverings also serve as a stool for accessing high racks or as a seat for a break. They are also available in roll-up cases for transportation in confined areas and suspended cleaning organisers that can be easily attached to your barn doors. We have devised many ways to keep the care gear because we know that there are many different types of situation that require it.

Each care bag has a 100 per cent customer service warranty!

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