Horse Hair Brush

petticoat brush

Horsehair shoe polish set. Horsehair Premium Shoe Brush The Premium Horse Hair Shoe Brushes are made of the highest grade 100% horse hair and are available with both white and white brushes. This" best-in-class" brush is perfectly suited to give your valuable footwear the best sheen. This brush has recently been updated to a high-quality, 100% bloodless horse hair.

Regular grade toothbrushes use a mix of hair and tails for the hair. Hair that is more fragile than the hair of the tails often cracks, which causes hair loosing or hemorrhage. We' ve also reduced the dimensions and raised the thickness of the tuff or hole in which the filaments are inserted.

Bristles have been improved by about 20%, resulting in a much higher brush grade. Horse hair shoeshine polishing bristles are used to sand down shoeshine after use. Usually two types of brush are required: one for use with exclusive polishing in the dark and a second for brown. Horse hair scrubbers collect remaining boot polishing.

Previously using a brush with burnish finish on a couple of boots may result in streaks of stain. To achieve the best results, use our Saphir M├ędaille d'Or wax shoe finish, followed by a high-gloss finish with our sheepskin or cotton chamois.

horse hair brush

Let us present you our first-class Burgol brush. It is a unique footwear product with strong and thick ponytail hair. The horse hair brush offers a great polish effect and a fabulous high sheen. Manufactured from genuine material, it meets the highest demands on workmanship and is characterised by a long service life.

Once you have cleaned your boots with some shoepolish, use our horse hair brush to burnish them and even blunt and weak looking boots get an unusual sheen. This horse hair brush is made of undyed, 22 mm long hair from the ponytail, which is ideally suited for buffing. Horse hair has various unusual strengths and is extremly smooth and thick.

This robust brush comes from a Germany garage where only horse hair is fixed. When used for a longer period of use, the high-quality wooden grip gets a comfortable shine. Inexpensive, bonded toothbrushes lose their filaments over the course of the years, which reduces their thickness and efficiency. Our Bourgol horse hair brush keeps the brushes thick and efficient while you can split a hair.

A good shoe needs soft maintenance, so you should prevent the use of synthetics and use articles such as our high-quality horse hair brush for extraordinary results. The horse hair brush is available in 22mm and 30mm hair length and in bright and deep colors.

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