Horse Hair Shedding Tool

A horsehair cutting tool

FURminator Equine deShedding Tool removes a horse's "winter coat" and loose hair while extracting natural oils to promote a healthier, shinier coat. Meanwhile the dandruff season is coming to an end - Hallelujah! Equine De Shedding Tool FURminator Equine De Shedding Tool eliminates a horse's "winter coat" and frizzy hair while extracting oil to help maintain a healthy, shiny fur. FURminator Equine de Shedding Tool does not trim or scratch the horse. The FURminator should be used during your horse's routine care and at the same time increase the relationship between you and your horse.

Every horse owners can refer to the nuisance of losing horse hair that clings to clothing and gets into the eye and lips. Furminator Equine De Shedding Tool will help you to eliminate your horse's "winter coat" more quickly and easily than brushing, raking or combing. When used on a day-to-day basis, this de-shedding tool will help to keep your hair and your skins healthy, help in reducing allergies and stimulating blood flow and hair-growing.

Designed with the exclusive de-shedding edges, the tool removes the top hair lightly and carefully without causing irritation to your horse's sensitive hide. Aquine Furminator de Shedding is only suitable for the fur of your horse and not for its hair or cock.

Only use the FURminator uShedding tool as specified. Make sure your horse is COMPLETELY DRY. Since the FURminator de-Shedding Tool extracts an excess of hair, you place your horse on an open area. Using the tool's edges and the tool's tines in the fur line of your horse, gently drag the tool over the fur in the hair-line.

You can use the tool like a hairbrush and use long, soft lines with the tool. Take special care near the most delicate parts of the horse (face, belly, feet, genitalia and anus). DON'T USE A WEIGHTER don't use a weighter or downwards squeeze while combing the horse's fur. If the horse brushes deeply or coarsely, the horse's hide may become reddened and sore.

Even with gentle brushing of a horse with delicate skins, it is possible to cause burns. Immediately stop using the device if you see reddening or irritations on your horse's skull. FURminator has not designed all of them the same, making it the best solution when it comes to shedding. Just choose the tool that fits your cat's height and then choose either the long or long hairline for a truly individual care sensation.

Adapting each trolley to the perfect tool significantly increases the results of shedding. Is it possible to use the de-Shedding tool with all domestic animals? de-Shedding tool can be used on most long-haired and short-haired domestic animals, as well as on most of them, animals include hounds, females, cats, ponies, horsemen, rabbits, berets and other small mice. It has been developed to make cleaning your pet quicker and simpler.

Do not use the de-Shedding tool on non-dropping strains or domestic animals with particularly delicate skins. For how often and for how long should I use the FURminator de-Shedding Tool? Use the FURminator De Shedding Tool 1-2x per weeks for 10 to 20 min per meeting, with real duration varying according to your pet's race and fur state.

It may be necessary to use the de-Shedding tool more often if you are having a difficult season. de-Shedding removes a large amount of hair and wool underneath, so you can easily select a place for cleaning that is easily vacuumed or swept, such as an indoor or outdoor tiled floors. Or use FURminator accessories for simple cleaning with the small, middle and large FURminator de-shedding tool.

Maintenance of my de-Shedding tool? Make sure the guard on the tool is kept when not in use. Be careful not to let the tool fall, as this may cause the tooth to crack, especially if the protection cap is not on the edges.

Before using the de-Shedding tool, you should scrub your animal to get rid of any matting or felting. The use of the tool on felt or felted skin can cause the tooth to twist or crack. The wiping edges can be cleaned with hot tapas. Doing so may decrease the sensation of a blunt incisal incision due to skin flaking in the edges of the shedding.

Ensure that the wiper blade is fully dried before keeping the tool with its protection sleeve. Paintbrush - Untangles and smoothes the hair, spreads oil on your hair and skins. Wipes - Collects and lowers runoff from the animal's body area enShed - Reduce runoff by up to 90%. You can use the tool for 10-20 minutes a week.

Bathing - Promotes healthier hair and hair growth while at the same time decreasing hair loss.

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