Horse Halter


Halter and horse leashes are basic parts of horse keeping that every horse lover should have. Overlay padded nylon running horse halter. High quality halter at the lowest price. Comes in nylon, beta, leather, horse halter. Size Mini, Foal, Pony, Cob, Horse, Warmblood and Draft.


The horse halter is an important element that gives you full command of your horse when you are not in use. It is a classical styled halter for the stable or on the show grounds, while a Nylons halter can give your horse a little colour and a halter can be a great workout aide.

Choose the horse halter styles and colours you like from our large range of oversizes, horse, butt, bangs and filly sizing to ensure you get the right fitting. If you are not sure what to buy, read our instructions for mounting a holster.

Stallhalfter & Accessories - Schneiders Halfter

You need a good halter to get a horse to the sea. Daily halter stalls are a supporting pillar of every shed, large or small. The choice of the right holster is crucial for both security and functionality. The most basic part of your daily work is a high-quality horse halter. The halter is conceived for the special requirements of daily nursing.

Sturdy holsters have no ornamental properties, but they are primarily for inspection while offering a snug and durable hold when choosing materials. Schneider stocks horse halter and equipment from major manufacturers such as Dura-Tech®, Billy Royal®, Weaver® and Walsh? Tailors is the right place if you need a new horse halter or Ponyhalfter with different design, qualities and prices.

Three main stall owners for the horse offer different benefits for humans and animals. Nylons and woven halter are an inexpensive choice that is powerful, long-lasting, easy cleanable and very hard-wearing. Tear-off Nylons have a removable strap that can crack in emergencies.

It is difficult to hit horse halter straps made of genuine leathers for more convenience and a shiny look, especially if they have silver-plated or gold-plated clasps. On the other hand, many instructors vow on halter ropes for ground work or horse rides, because the absence of unusual clasps makes it much simpler and simpler to put on a horse - even if it is head-shy.

Discover our range today and find the right halter for you and your four-legged comrade. Every halters class has several sizes, looks, colour/finish and cushioning choices to keep up with both yearling and oversized horse. You will also find halter equipment such as spare parts for crowns, tear-off straps, neck lining and fleece halter kits that enhance satisfaction and functioin.

Schneiders, as a familiy business, has set itself the task of providing horse-owning horses with the best halter and accessoires for their needs. For qualified orders, we have free delivery at the sector's low end halter price, which has been shown to work as announced.

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