Horse Halter and Lead

Collar and leash

Mustnang rope holder with leash. Original Weaver Leather Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Holder. Receive high-quality horse supplements from SmartPak at affordable prices with options for free shipping. Made of nylon rope, these horse halter and guide ropes can be adapted to a horse of any size.

Polybraided Rope Horse Holder with detachable leash from Wolffers

"I thought halter was a good concept, but it wasn't feasible with my horse. Her halter and leash were all right, she was the one who didn't like it. "The" Simple=best" holder is a straightforward, efficient piece made of good material. "These halter straps are affordable, wearable and come in a variety of different styles.

"I don't know why some have trouble with these on larger ponies, I buy them especially because they match my daughter's mustag (14. 3) to my design (16. 1 hh) and design crucifix (15. 3 hh). "Do these! "The halter is beautiful! "These halter straps are very beautiful for the prize.

"AWESOME " I have purchased this halter for everyday use and care, and it is astonishing! Two of these cable holders I got for my 16. These halter straps seem to be of good qualitiy, but they are a little close to the pine and not long enough to go all the way to it.

Don't buy this halter if you have a 16 hour horse! "These halter straps are great for the right prices, they fit my daughter's Mustang 15 up to my "little" Percheron (even if it goes a little cuddly through her nostrils, but it works well).

While the paint fades badly when it stays in the light, I had halter I made myself from a rock climber that never lost the ten + years I used and misused, always hung out in the items, but it was expensive to buy a rock climber to make my halter, this is less expensive.

But the leash is almost useless, I only use it for the kids and hounds. So, if you need a lead, I would suggest you buy one separate. "This holster is one of the best I've ever made." Colours are vivid and the qualities are very good for both the headjoint and the lead-wire.

It goes very well with my horse. "Love, love, love this halter! "Purchased the cyan halter, the colour looks great on my horse, but the leash is thin and tight, very inconvenient in the hand and mine was very tattered in several places. I don't like the rigidity of this halter either, the end of the neckties stick upwards, unless it is folded down or wound around the neck.

Okay for the low end, but I wouldn't buy another one. "i must not value the money" may not be this half...does not life and extend it and will really remain great...i would not advise this half to anyone.... "These are the best holsters ever." Sometimes the necktie ends with a little bit of acrylic on the ear/poll, but you can't hit it for the cost.

Usually I keep all my tacks, as well as halter, in the tack room out of the sun/weather, but have over them many a time, so they have somewhat paled but not evil.

It still looks good. :)

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