Horse Halter Brands

Halter Brands

Mary's Tack and Feed has high quality nylon, show and rope holsters from top brands such as Beval, Walsh and Kathy's. The Weaver and Walsh brands also offer individual colour and embroidery options. They expect that your horse halter and guide ropes are a reliable advertising medium for your brand. A partnership with Walsh is the right choice for your horse. Tailors offers high-quality, handmade leather horse halter straps in three brands, which are tailored to the needs and budget of our customers.

Cushioned leather holsters from Premier Equine

The Premier Equine Upholstery Holster is made of high quality leathers, making it suitable for both daily use and competition. You use upholstery in the nose and nose straps to enhance your horse's riding comforts. This halter can be adjustable on both sides of the nose and headband to give the classical British look on any horse.

The halter comes in three different colours (Black and Dark Brown) and in three different colours (Cobb, Full and Extra Full). Afterwards revitalise the skin with a cleaning agent and conditioning agent. Sterling Basic leathers cleaners and care products are all genuine, prevent mould and contain ethereal oil that makes them sniff!

Allow the holster to air thoroughly in a well-ventilated place to allow it to cure, of course. What's with the holster? Although nylons are slightly more costly than nylons, they last much longer. It also gives a larger, more shiny look and makes your horse fit for the show every single workday. Premier Equine other products:

The one is the bridge breast plate and the other the polo breast plate with rubber band.

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Horse comforts and classy qualities have made Vespucci Bridles and Straps a favourite of all British riding events. Are you looking for a harness with an original look that puts the horse's ride in the foreground, then you've come to the right place! After studying horse geometry extensively, Peter Menet learnt where a horse is prone to face aches and injuries and inspired him to re-invent the harness verbatim.

Vespucci's designs include the bio-mechanics of a horse in movement, the best way of communication between horse and horseman. Each Vespucci bridles features a single piece of upholstered crown, a cushioned noseband and headband and an adjustment cushioned protector under the pin. Vespucci has made your bridles more than just a set of tools.

Vespucci's Veritas series is the latest additions to the world-famous Vespucci bridle line. With incomparable luxury upholstery on the individual crown part, selected top quality leathers and high-grade clasps, these fences are conceived for highest comforts, styles and performances. Worldriding bra..... Worldriding bra..... Worldriding bra.....

After a thorough examination of horse geometry, Menet learnt where a horse is prone to face aches and injuries. It was this that prompted him to re-invent the harness. Vespucci brick bridling is based on the biomechanics of a horse in movement, the points of contact with the horse's skull and the best way of communication between horse and horseman; all this forms a unit in which the horse almost intuits the rider's course.

Now that Vespucci has arrived, your bridles are more than just a tools. In our opinion, a harness is more than just a strip of skin to keep the horse in check. When working on the most delicate parts of the horse, a harness can be either a channel of communications or a cause of anguish and even pain.

The Vespucci bridle is designed to relieve your horse of uncomfortable pain and distractions while you put a precise communication instrument in your hand. Developed by Peter Menet, this full line of performace fences is unsurpassed in its smart designs and biomechanical minds. Each Vespucci bridle has a single crownpiece with padding, a noseband and headband and an underjaw padding.

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