Horse Halter Colors

Hipster Colours

PONY, ARABIAN & MINI. Design your horse show stable colours with this virtual horse clothing tool. Customize your horse and try on different colors of radiators, holders and leg covers. Search exhibitions for horses that resemble your own colour and see which outfits catch your eye.

View the matching Weaver Poly lead ropes in monochrome and multicoloured for a complete set.

Adjustable patterned nylon horse halter Weaver leather

Weaver' s making a great holster for the prize. Colours are vibrant, vibrant and crunchy. It is a bit fuzzy, but only up- close and not so poor that it is a diversion or a point of negation. It' s smooth inside; I don't like too rigid halter and I don't think it is.

The smallest thing they are selling is a small horse or a large fring.

Halter & Cooler..... Which colour suits your horse?

Designs show solid colors, choose which halter or blanket/rug looks best on your horse..... Would you like to give your horse his best from the minute you get out of the caravan, just stand in an exhibition stand or stand in the shed? Explore a combination of cool boxes, holders, sledges and wraps to see how different colors match your horse.

Please click here to select color, hair and coat. Then, move your selection using dragging and dropping. Click on the colored boxes to select the colors of leaves, trims, and canopies. Then, pull and put halter and wrap and decoration.

Win Colors

You can use this table to find out which colours are most complimentary on your horse. On the map, find the basic colour of your horse (redhead, brown-necked or neutral) and then consider the colours in the areas proposed. Appaloosas, colours, pintos and other ponies with more than 50% whiteness we recommend the colours on the lower and lefthand side of the colourwheels.

The colour and appearance of showwear is more evident than leisure clothing - the judges will watch from a distance of 50 to 100 ft and will not see a single detail. He/she sees colour, outline and co-ordination of horse and horseman. Think about where you want to show - do you want to make contrasts or mix in the arenas?

Light colours are best suited for young people as amateur or professional. Accentuate brighter colors, minimise dark colors. You can test your colour choice by placing a rug, hand towel or other large colour pattern over your horse and then standing over the stadium to see the colour effect you leave on the judges.

Search exhibitions for a horse that resembles your own colour and see which clothes stand out. Colors System Copyrights 2018 Copyright Exclusion of rights to Horse Clothing Company, Inc.

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