Horse Halters with Bling

Halter with bling

Tailor Bling Leather Horse Halter, Custom Crystal Bling Bridle Chest Collar Rein Sets. Horse accessories, ladies' clothing, home accessories, horse accessories, jewellery and accessories. Receive the best offer! You should never again be paying for an equal one. Bling gives this holster a shine.

Cushioned at the nose strap and the top. The holster is perfect for the show as well as for the stall. Silver cristallized leathers. Use a moist towel.

Then treat with a suitable cleaner and care product. Nice holster! I' ve recently bought this holster for my fourth horse. It is a little smaller than the others I have for him in the horse-sized. It is also the fastener for the neck strap instead of using a clip to set the neck strap/poll length.

You should never again be paying for an equal one. Copying the website URL from the equal products showing the lower prices.

The Billy Royal Bling Collection - Schneiders

The Billy Royal Bling headpieces, chest collars and noseband are wonderfully handcrafted with crystal, gemstones, rivets and unicorno. Enchant the audience and the jury at the next show by equipping your prizewinner with this wonderful turn from the Billy Royal Bling Collection. There are eye-catching bling staple kits for the horse that contain bling bridle, headband stall, one ear stall, chest neck, noseband and spore bands according to your horse's styles.

You will also find calfskin conditioners for storing your Bling Westerns look beautiful, and a sturdy racks bag for safe stash. Billy Royal Collection has a vintage Old West look with an ancient finishing that gives your horse a lot of style. Characteristics includes high grade leathers, high grade tools, ancient brass knobs and ancient brass cokes.

A headband headpiece, a single-ear headpiece and a chest collar make up the range. The 5-piece handmade from handmade and greased top quality leathers with a colourful tropical printed onlay. They are decorated with ancient bronce rivets and the bigger ones have leather-covered roses. It is also equipped with fittings and clasps made of high-grade high-grade steal.

Billy Royal Bling Crystal Collection includes headband headpiece, single-ear headpiece, nose strap, chest collar and spore strap. They are handmade from American vegetable souvenir leathers, handmade in a favourite flower design, with high quality high-grade high-grade hi-tee. They are decorated with cristal leathers condensos and silvery stud. The Bling Star & Stud collection was developed for contemporary westernriders and is made of class A quality handmade wicker.

They are decorated with silvery rivets and leather-reinforced stars, as well as fittings in high-grade steal for optimum strength.

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