Horse Harness Alberta

Harness Alberta

Heavier, well processed miniature leather harness (used). Made-to-measure harness, leather. Conservation under the direction of the curator of the Remington Carriage Museum, Cardston, Alberta.

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Advertisements may contain both text and photographs and will stay on the site until the vendor informs ACDA that the ad can be deleted. Shaving and shaving; Desire fit & shaving; Disk brake; Spare fender; Perfect state; Nice show car. 2hhh Section B Welsh bangs, but would be recommended for a slightly bigger bangs.

Get in touch with Wendy Williams at 780-554-1398. Made-to-measure harness, horse harness, leather. Perfect state. Contacts 493-741-8742. Cart for 12-13 h; reclining seats for balancing. Contacts 403-741-8742. Call Peter at 403-625-0563. 2hhh bangs of America. Ninety day workout last autumn, singles and doubles. It would be an outstanding competitive stallion. The McLaughlin Show cart.

Horsehair upholstered cover in cream cord. For 15,16 hour horse. Big car in the size of a bangs. Five HH ponies. Found in Vermilion, Alberta. Terry Francis two-wheeled training trolley with stainless steal castors and variable axles; the axles can be easily detached to make the trolley fit into the semi. The horse in images is 15-2 Heights: dimensions:

Please call Carolyn at or 403-647-7917. Genuine leather harness for this car was made by Terry Francis. Please call Carolyn at, 403-647-7917. We have 3 horses, high-quality plastic harness, super working or start harness, with bridles and canvas.

Pair of harnesses. Three horses, high grade leathers, with bridle and linen, cut off top part for better wearing comforts. Heavier work harness. Ideal for use in the snow because, unlike plastics, it remains flexible in colder weathers. In the Wetaskiwin area the individual would like to trade easy work for casual hours of riding.

Familiarity with equestrian ism, can no longer be ridden, worked in industrial, credentials available. Ready for the bridegroom, neat turn, serves as bridegroom at meetings, takes care of the horse in the owners absentee. There is no horse and no riding gear. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at Perfect state without dent.

Please call Kathleen Winfield at or 403-931-0389. Coach. Might be bred from 1250# - 1300# horse. Please call Frank Hale at 403-874-0706 or send an e-mail to That' the sure, well-behaved horse you need to ride. Found in Cremona, Alberta. More information is available from Marie Blain at 250-226-7965.

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