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You can add the name of your farm or horse to these great, durable carrier bags! The spacious bag has an acrylic fur lining and nylon clips with robust nylon straps to hold the parts of your harness. Made By Jacks Imports. The Cordura nylon harness bag is lined with fur to protect your harness. Sizes for miniature horses and harnesses.

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Made by Big Dee's Personal Shop, this Harness Bag is ideal for the storage and transport of your harness, whether for fun or for racing, these waterproof harness cases from Big Dee's Personal Shop are just the thing. Special designs cannot be returned. The article will be made by Big Dee's customs department exactly to your specification, please check your orthography and your language before placing your order.

Allow up to 14 working day for shipping your order to you and up to 3 to 5 extra working day during the holidays to guarantee deliveries on holidays.

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This handmade Cordura harness bag is the ideal protection for your harness! Featuring an acrylicskin liner and robust clip padded with robust tapes to hold the parts of your harness. Illustrated with coloured padding, although we suggest that it be dark so that the coat does not produce coloured fibres on the harness.

If you wish a coloured polypropylene liner, the bag will not be taken back. 1? There are 4 1? large, durable tapes with press studs to take objects. Horse fastening belt - 22? x 2? Mini 18? x 2?.

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is a world-renowned producer and marketer of the best equine industry brands - from standard and whole blood racing gear to the westerns, english, miniatures, foals and drafting. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible product to our clients at the best possible price, which will be delivered to you at no time!


Carry bag made of Kodura Nylons with skin-lined. Corduroy Nylons carrier bag is cushioned with fleece padding. Inside there are four straps for the harness parts. It has a zip and a broad carry grip. One is suitable for a harness and the smaller one for a miniatur harness.

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