Horse Harness Buckles

Harness buckles

Half-wire buckle. Miniature harness parts for stone and Breyer horses. The length of the tracks on a harness can be adjusted with the aid of track buckles.

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On products and suppliers:

On our customers and suppliers: Approximately 66% of them are other horse goods, 8% are buckles and 6% are bags & equipment. There is a large selection of harness buckles at your disposal, such as free patterns, purchased patterns. We have 151 harness providers, mainly in Asia.

Its most important supplier markets are China (mainland), Taiwan and India, which deliver 90%, 4% and 3% of its harness buckles. Harness buckles are most common in North America, Western Europe and South America. Guarantee your security by choosing from among 34 with others, 23 with ISO9001 and 2 with BSCI certifications.

buckles for harness

The business directories contain a wide variety of trapezoidal buckle manufacturers that serve all branches. Special production of belt buckles made of diecast zink and bras. The buckles are available in different dimensions and designs. Push buttons, sliders, fasteners, necklaces, O-rings, D-rings and straps are also available. Manufacturers of harnesses and buckles for collars.

Buckle styles are nobar buckles, nobar buckles with wheels, centre-barbuckles, center-bar buckles with wheels, double-bar buckles, peg-style buckles and various buckles. Barless buckles with castors are available in diecast zink, bronce and weld ed gedst. buckles with nickel-plated bronce, massive bronce, nickel-plated annealed casting, high-grade steal, diecast zink and brazen or nickel-plated, welding steal. &plpver.....

Manufacturers and distributors of technical equipment and accessories, incl. belt buckles and security buckles. Prodcuts includes reed buckles, legbuckles, buckles & buckles. www.versafety. com/harnesses/harnesses_index..... Manufacturers of buckles, includes collars, harness, head & beanie, industry, security, baggage & metallic buckles. Some of the working methods are zink, nickle, stainless and chromium.

Buckle styles includes webbing, tourniquets, double bows, straps, pole slides, scooters, central pole, hanger, animal collars, safety belts, safety belts, Speedclips, unlatches, traverse hooks, load & overcenters. Manufacturers of buckles as well, includes drawstring buckle, round drawstring buckle, nose drawstring buckle, closing bath, lugs, sliplock, natural, stainless ring, lashes, karabiners, D-ring, sewn D-ring, contours of Laddr Lok & Supralo.

The colours are either red, blue or blue. Manufacturers of tie-down lashing fittings incl. buckles with tensile strength up to 3400 pounds & ratchets buckles with tensile strength up to 4400 pounds. Buckle available in many different dimensions. industrial-fasteners.garnetindustries. com/c..... Manufacturers of a large number of belt buckles used with load securing tapes for aeroplanes, trucks and lashing and fastening systems.

The cargo securing fittings include buckles, over-center buckles and ratchets buckles, which are used with 1 inch or 1-3/4 inch strap, with or without springs. Seatbelt lock break resistance from 500 pounds to 22,000 pounds & meets a wide range of cargo requirements incl. NAS & Mil-Spec specification. www.cargosystems. com/product-category/hardw.....

Manufacturers of metallic fittings incl. leather buckles and harness buckles. Buckles are available in a variety of materials to suit your needs: chrome, vintage yellow bras, matt finishes. Manufacturers and distributors of belt buckles. Manufacturers of buckles for harness, dogs neckbands, harness cases, luggage and harness. Buckle styles range from ratchet, side releases, pulleys, ladder buckles and tourniquets.

The following types of material are available: galvanised aluminium, galvanised aluminium, galvanised aluminium, galvanised aluminium and galvanised aluminium. zoronmfg. com/category/met.... Drop guard system obsessed router vet includes 5,000 lb. harness or 5,000 lb. carabiner buckles & buckles. Different characteristics like anchor pins, D-rings, strap and screws. U.S. producer of standar & customized buckles inclusive leather straps, harness & buckles.

The following are available materials: chrome, stainless steels, chrome, brass, matt finishes: zink, stainless steels, acetals, nylon, polypropylen and abst. Possibilities are stitching, stamping, fixing, heat and cryogenic shearing, as well as ultrasound sealing. Manufacturers of belt buckles. Full range of metallic and synthetic buckles, stamped parts, shaped "O" ring, press studs, pendants, adjuster, clamps, buckles, army buckles and custom-made products available.

The material range includes high-grade steal, bronze, steel and aluminium. Manufacturers of belt buckles. Full line of thermoplastics and metals for sports bag, baggage, straps, clothing, shoes, belt, pet & saddlery/belts & cords & cinches. Manufacturers of stock and customized belt buckles and harness buckles and harness buckles with pulley and belt buckles.

Harness buckles are available in 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 1-3/8 inch dimensions. Harness buckles with rollers are available in 1-3/8 inch and harness buckles are available in 2 inch width. Manufacturers of stockings & jeans, suspenders & suspenders, harness & buckles.

Roll buckles, D-ring buckles, dent & tip buckles, sliders buckles, inlock buckles, trendy buckles, flat buckles, stretch buckles & buckles are also available. Strip is available in aluminium (G10, 4130 alloys), bronze, cooper, stainless 300, carbon steels and titan. There are buckles in different forms & colours & with/without epoxide resin paint.

Manufacturers of metallic buckles, either customer-specific or standardized. 1 - 3/8 inches² cable harness buckles & 1 - 1/4 inches² round harness buckles are available. Sales of spring buckles and buckles with straps, D-rings, trigger sliders and adjuster. Buckle styles are belts, sliding releases, contours, pinballs, garter straps, ladders and buckles.

The material is composed of bronze, sterling steel, sterling steel, sterling steel, nickel, gold and nylon. The buckles are available in the colours red, blue, white as well as freez. An ISO9001 & ISO9100 approved buckle and buckle producer with ratchets, buckles and belt buckles. Possibilities comprise up to 60 inch x-axis, 20 inch y-axis and 20 inch z-axis vertically, boring, milling, bandsawing up to 6 inch.

Horisontal processing, manual processing, centreless processing, electric arcshaping, CNC cutting, CNC processing, Lean manufacture, turning, stitching, pressbraking up to 6 feet, cut-off saws up to 18 inches, wheel cutting up to 12 inches, plate processing, lamination up to 66 inches x 148 inches, toughness test, statistic gauging, coordinates measurement, assembling, 3-D modelling, tension and fine elements analyses, engeneering & design, techincal suppor, dispatch & reception up to 5,000 pounds. capacitiy, debugging, minor repai y & assembling aids & lasering.

Manufacturers of buckles. The buckles range includes buckles with snap buckles, side buckles, tourniquets, synthetic buckles, metallic snap buckles, synthetic side buckles, customized buckles, metallic buckles, brass buckles, synthetic buckles, sliding buckles, metallic sliding buckles, Buckles supplier, sliding buckles adjuster, metallic buckles, sling buckles, military buckles, high-grade steal buckles, steal buckles, alligator buckles, safety buckles, safety belt buckles, safety buckles, safety belt buckles, safety buckles, automobile buckles, metallic buckles, camera buckles, cam buckles, camera buckles, camera buckles and ratchets.

Producer of pet harness. The range includes calipers, buckles, horse covers and sheeting, nails, training tools, halter, rigging, chest collar, headstall, divided rein, kerbs, bridles, pad ding, brush, bucket, stand, watering, scissors and lash. High-strength chrome - Moly Steel & Lightweight Aircraft Aluminium Buckles. Manufacturers of defence hardware and systems.

The product range includes clamps, belts, buckles and storage brackets. Manufacturers, hoisting equipment and seat belt fittings.

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