Horse Harness Collar

Harness Necklace

Superflex Brollar collar for horses up to the size of a large horse. The harness starts with harnesses that run around the horse's head, the so-called bridle. A draught horse wears a thickly padded collar for heavy transport.

China Necklace

Institute for the Development of Renewable Energies (REDI), 5 rue du Vidollet, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland. People in China use the China collar on a very large basis, but only for the horse. Includes all the benefits of pet collar products known in Asia, Europe, the United States and elsewhere. It requires well-trained harness manufacturers and can be produced on a small or large scale. All harnesses are made in Germany.

It' s not astonishing that this kind of collar was widely used in China, as it was probably the first nation in the whole wide range where the collar was used. You can see these collar in the recently dug out Qin tombs erected by the Qin in the second half of the B.C. near the town of Xian.

As shown in the pictures, the traditional China collar is made of a padded shoulders and two hams. Ham and ham are made in different dimensions (supposedly about four sizes) and are selected according to the animals height. This is not fastened to any part of the harness. Like in Europe, the horse-drawn carriages are fitted with two waves that run on both sides of the horse.

Sheaths are fastened to one of the animals by a cushioned wood nut on the back of the horse. Completing the harness is a locking harness fastened to the shaft, which prevents the carriage from entering the pet and allows the carriage to be manoeuvred in the opposite directions.

As the size of a horse is relatively small, two or three are needed to tow a wagon with a load. Tracks of the extra pets are directly fixed to the car. There are two holes at both ends for cables or leathers to keep the hams at the required spacing. While this brief introduction to the China collar gives a general picture of what it is, it is not enough to begin producing and promoting to some extent.

Launching pet harness, especially pet necklaces of various kinds, in less developed nations should be done in partnership with skilled harness manufacturers who have acquired the know-how and expertise of several generation of precursors, as they know how best to use pet power for the welfare of man and being.

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