Horse Harness for Sale

Harness for sale

Perfect Harness to sell Cob size in black. Harness for sale. Harness for sale. Discover showcases in our category Horses & Ponies.

-YZN Horse Harness for sale outdoor harness horse racing. I make the harness with polypropylene fabric and vinyl upholstery in marine quality.

Skijöring harness & shafts - Patty's Pony Place

Since the shipment of the two long side tubes becomes costly, our Skikjöring set contains the following - the back rod (with mounted eyebolt ), two synthetic tube corners - pins and spring locks to hang into the harness and a harness for you, with the fast tensioner of the deceased, and an adaptable harness for your hand for fast tensioning anchor.

You' ll have to buy the two long tubes and the adhesive tapes, and we'll add a guide on how to assemble it all! The price for the kits is $80 for miniature, small ponies and horses in full sizes - $90 for draught horses.

Harness Horse criteria

Trapezoid horses are mainly competition horses. If the forward and upwards force comes completely from the rear limbs, a horse can lift its front part and make itself'big' so to speak. The forelegs are raised high from the shoulders and stretched far forward during this motion.

A long spring ingot, excellent stability, raised front and good co-ordination between front and hind leg ensure an unmissable look. In fact, these are the description of the horse that is best for dressage, jumping, harness and moneyers. Our breeders' quality assists in evaluating a horse in an objective and uniform way. An elongated and well balanced square shape; An ascending physique with long limbs; A slight head-neck joint and a long, upward arched throat and muscular top line; A powerful and well muscular back/back; Proper and neat limbs and appearance.

Move walk with a clean, four-stroke and trot with smoothness, drive, equilibrium and self-conveying; Large hanging and a hindquarters that kicks active under the torso; An increased forequarters and good self-conveying; Is light-footed and has hindquarters so that the hindquarters under the torso so that the forequarters lengthen far from the shoulders with great height of heels.

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