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The Big Dee's Standard Bred Racing Tack range includes complete harnesses and kits. Main page " Dishes and accessories. It is our mission to provide the world of equestrian sports with the best harness equipment suitable for every need, with a customer service that goes far beyond the expected. Leather Premium Harness with Tie Ends. Leather Premium Harness with Tie Ends.

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The Harness Group has developed with quicker riders and the demand for first-class gear to drive the winning group. That' s why Walsh has put a lot of effort into developing a harness that exceeds your expectation from day-to-day running to the racetrack. The high-grade trees, couplings and straps are only the beginning in the high-quality parts of our harness.

As we recognise the demands of our trainer, we are still producing high-quality leathers with all the properties of high-grade steal. Trapeze racehorses are unparalleled in their training and athletics, which is why Walsh provides trapeze design choices. The sale of tableware accessories has changed over the years to offer the best tableware in the business that can only be found in Walsh tableware.

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Bridles Mini/Midi Sheetland - brassbuckles. We' ve driven Welsh horses, so when they're selling in size (I have no idea?!). Driveshafts can be set for 10 or smaller bangs. Second-hand harness for our Shlandpony available free of charge. It is a great little donkey-pony trap & would be a great conservation work.

Synthetic Arden bangs great driving harness. I haven't been on my bangs more than a canne time. I was 12 years old. Simple to keep tidy, simple to use, just for sale as the bangs were on sale. Rosa harness for minis or small Shetland.

Little bangs practice mantrap. Used but little used strap. Catamarans in embossed leathers. Two to fourteen. Two orders of magnitude.

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Riding on the floor is an excellent way to give youngsters the basics, back and teeth before they are introduced into the horseback. It is a good exercise to use the techniques of riding on the floor to learn fundamental instructions, teeth and nape pressures before a young horse is introduced to a pad. The horse is equipped with saddles or girth, bridles and rein, but without riders.

Schneider offers various high-quality terrain vehicles for an efficient workout. This includes harnesses, long leashes, flashing caps, a horse harness for practice, crupper, longline gear and chain stores. Dura-Tech workout machines comprise light and long-lasting neopren and long lasting harnesses, MCR longlines made of mountaineering ropes, long longlines made of woven cottons, and air-cushion or fleecesurcingle padding.

We also have light one-link chain stores that provide a secure way to persuade the horse to kick higher and indicator caps to focus on them. The Billy Royal range includes multi-ring harnesses made of high quality leathers. It is useful for all skill level and a multifaceted workout aide. The crupper is made of cowhide and can be used with a pad.

Long line bits are used to train the horse to take in a twin fence. Can be used with long leashes or rein. EZ long line adaptor transforms any westernsaddle into one that can hold extra workout ring. Premier has the quick-change harness system that is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

They also offer a low-cost, light-weight woven and taught leathers harness, multi-ring harness and double westerns harness.

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