Horse Harness Mirror

Harness mirror

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A Making Antique Horse Collar Mirror~And Before and After's !

We had our photos taken in this old place while we visited Pigeon Forge, TN this year. They' had furnished this one area like an old bathhouse, completely with a collared mirror on the walls. Thought I' d never come across old horse collars, and where would I ever get one that didn't require an army and a foot?

Afterwards I began to clean with water and a cloth. Kokosnussöl is suitable for almost all types of skins, especially for tough skins like saddle. This makes the skin smooth and smooth. He' stripped the hide I got from Michael's into the available openings. Then I used E-6000 adhesive to keep it together.

Undoubtedly carcinogenic in California, it should be the most powerful adhesive you can buy. Everything has been cleaned up and it's safe now, it's glassy season. So I went to my go-to-glass court and essentially only followed the form of the bottom. Thanks again, Waco Glas and Mirror!

Then I took Looking Glass Aerosol and began. Then I did it a second one. I thought that was enough after a third one. And then it was primed. I was eating the pictures from that move, but I stuck it with clear gorilla adhesive (the kind that foamed white), then I added bitumen on the back.

A small creme bar I got at the ReStore for $5. There was a strange chunk of timber pinned to the side. Well, I suppose I've had a thing for mirror lately. It' a closet from the ReStore. That little side desk my neighbour gave me. I' ve ground the top, sprayed a template and then pickled it.

Also from ReStore. So it got a grinding, spraying mask and ink and stain. Can' believe I didn't get a picture of that couchette. lt was made out of oranges and already had the line.

Finally, there is our little country side bar. Marc found the top at the roadside and his feet in an old stable in Gettysburg, PA. We' ve added a few wooden chunks to the sides to make it larger, and palette timber around the sides after everything has been placed.

I' ve pickled the upper part of the coffee and coloured the feet with Farrow and Ball French Gray....which is rather verdant. I found the ribbons in the ReStore and glued them to the desk. Then I pressed in thumbnails that I applied Modern Masters Iron Paint and its rust activator.

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