Horse Harness Size Chart

Harness size chart

Comparison table of harnesses from pony to draught horse. Please measure your horse(s), mark whether you want to order single or double harness or so. Are you unsure which harness or size to buy?

Are you wondering what dimensions are required to order a harness or harness parts?

order a harness or harness parts? Letter in the figure shows the measurements as described below. Take measurements from the angle of the oral cavity on one side, over the top (behind the ears) to the other. Circumferentially around the catch, measuring approx. 2 finger widths below the cheekbone (tear).

From the horse's temporal stamp on one side to the other. Keep in mind that the headband reading passes around his head past his ear. Mini's usually are 13-14. 5; 14-15 and 16-17 and 18-21 drafts. It differs from a ceiling scan (from the middle of the breast, along the side to the middle of the tail), the length is measured from the tip of the shoulders to the end of the trunk.

We' d find out if you just took the measurements of the ceiling. Using a straightedness rule or spirit-levels or anything else that runs evenly and evenly over the back of the horse so that I can draw a straigth line to the floor from this point. Then, from this point, take measurements directly to the floor.

Q - GirthThis is the circumference of the cardio. It' s important to take measurements by the cardio, not near his armpit and not where his breast is at its lowest. That is the gap from where the harness seat is to the top of the cock. From the point where the top of the front foot on one side will stop at the same point on the other side.

The chest neck (standard) ends about 2? before the circumference. From where the rear foot starts on one side of the horse, up to the same spot on the other side. Each harness seat is different, so if you only want to order a spare abdominal strap, please check the actual abdominal strap, end to end on the back - both in length and width.

They want the clasps on the belly band in the middle of 5 wholes to close when it is perfect. It is also necessary to indicate the width of the belt to which the new belly band is attached so that the size of the clasp is proper. Keep a measuring tapes on your horse's shoulders and the measurement back on 18? behind the horse's trunk.

There is a standard spacing of 12-18 between the back of the horse and the individual trees, according to the size of the horse. Harness for sale by size, including VSE: Mini A, B, C, Mini Donkey/Mule, Shetland, Small Pony, Standard Donkey, Please follow these rules.

Since we think it' s something really unique, we' ve just been spending almost two years improving a harness just for her. Since 1994 it has been suitable for every kind of donkeys and mules! The harness is absolutely in shape and powerful!

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