Horse Head Harness

harness for horses' heads

In order to harness a horse, first put the collar around the head of the horse or the chest strap around the chest. Place the saddle and buckle around the horse's body and attach the crupper around the tail. Hippopotamus, spring close-up, royalty-free stock video and stock footage. You will find the perfect horse close-up head harness stock photo.


Brass horse was used to the harness harnesses horse, especially in the UK, many would make the trail to be identified easily for decorating, royalties, various branches such as railway or brewing and some, I'm sure, were made just out of preference for a picture or beast. A number of older brass parts were carried on the harness, others were made to remember a specific time.

It' s difficult to date many of the dishes, but you can get an impression of how good the goddess is and how well the brazen material is made. It is sometimes recognised by the dark on the back, by the brush strokes against the harness hide, but some folks often wash their parts of it, so this is not always a telltale signal.

Punched parts of yellow metal date from the early 1900s and only until the 1930s. The majority of the parts of the castings have been poured and often the gettos (the bracket for the casting) are partially on the back of the part. Horsemen are beautiful and fascinating to me. I sell all my parts made of English steel.

This is a HORSE HEAD WITH NARROW MUZZZLE AND POINTED COLLAR IN HORSESHOE Horse Harness Braass from England. It' a beautiful piece of yellow metal with a beautiful shine.

Horses head harness, close up stock video footage in early summer

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This is a close-up of a horse's head in the harness. Nice horse in the bridles. Gracious horse's head near. Nice horse goose and its eye, sports horse in the harness.

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