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The other books on equine medicine suggested by H&H readers include:. Fact vs. myth about the health of your horse. This book was written to try to dispel some of the nonsense that reigns out there in the horse world.

Purchase Horse Health Record Book & Horse Training Journal: Fast and easy reference to check the basic health of the horse.

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Well, a good horse is a lucky horse. Equipped with a dozen of basic health features that every horse lover should know, this guidebook will help you keep your pet fit, safe your cash, and your horse business self-sufficient. The Cherry Hill provides an illustrative step-by-step tutorial for everyday healthcare such as foot hygiene, dentistry and vitals, but also shows you how to handle an injured horse and the right wound management, injection, gluing and prevention methods.

The Horse Health Record Book & Horse Training Journal : Equine health protocol for charting regular maintenance and training goals (paperback)

This is a magazine for horse owners only! Record your horse's blacksmithing and veterinary activities, day-to-day care, exercise objectives - all in one place! You can use this magazine for up to four horse races, for a record value of one year (get the Barn Edition if you have more than four horse races -- https: //

Caring for a horse is not an an easy job! Remain organised and take good look at your horse partners with this horse magazine. Of course, this is a different version for those who want a different look: Contains this journal:

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Horse Health Problemlöser

Every horse and every fringe occasionally suffers from the general spectrum of diseases and wounds and asks the owner urgently about the right kind of care. You need a trusted resource at moments like these to help you select the best way to get your horse back to health and to help you decide whether or not to call the veterinarian.

With a clear structure in a Q&A form, this problem-solving guidebook offers security for fearful horse owner. These guides take the readers through primary health care, nutrition, physical activity, first-aid, and widespread illnesses and provides all the information you need to keep your horse safe and sound and help you cope with issues when they arise.

Photos and charts show the detail and handy hints put information into practice so you can properly study, evaluate and handle your horse. Soothingly authoritarian, authored by an expert veterinary practitioner, The Horse's Health Problem Solver is an uncomplicated health book that focuses on your horse's interests.

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