Horse Helmets for Sale

Helmets for sale

The Troxel Liberty riding helmet Low Profile Schooling Fun Colors Dial Fit. The Troxel riding helmet Liberty Black Horse Safety Western Low Profile Medium. Western Troxel Rebel Reithelm Western Riding Inspiré confortable et élégant. Riding helmets for adults and children. GPA, Samshield, Uvex, KEP &

Pikeur, all market-leading Equine brands under one roof.

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Helmets in Western Cape

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Helmets for horseback riders saving lifes

They say if you ask ten drivers a single quiz, you get ten different responses. There is one thing we should all be in agreement about - you should never mount a horse without a cloak. Because of their inherent flying instincts, the horse is naturally a danger. Not even the slightest horse can scare an uncommon horse, and even the most expert rider can fall.

You may not be comfortable with your style of horse backpacking, you just jump on the horse for a moment, or you just don't want to do it. What ever the excuse is, it just doesn't stand up to the risks of trauma.

If it'?s about your brains, why take the chances? Headache is the most frequent cause of hospitalisation and accounts for 60 per cent of horse-related fatalities. Headache is the most frequent cause of horses being taken to hospitals. Horseriding is threatened by cerebral wounds - we all are!

Headache is responsible for 60 per cent of horse-related fatalities. The likelihood of injuring the horse's mind is thought to be higher than at skiing, soccer and cycling! Repetitive wounds to the heads, even if minor, can cause accumulative damages - your brains never fully recover from a trauma to the skull.

Unfortunately, falling is a straightforward fact of horse-raiding. We have a duty to ourselves, our closest relatives, our horse and our friend to take every possible measure to minimise this exposure. Maybe the most imperative reason for wearing a Helmet is the simple fact that a trauma could keep you away from the horse and out of the stable indeterminate.

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