Horse Hoof Boots

equine hoof boots

Shoes are often seen as a replacement for horseshoes, either as a replacement for a thrown shoe when no blacksmith is available, or as an alternative form of hoof protection for a barefoot horse. Brief demonstrates the right method to measure your horse's hoof for a boot. Horses Cavallo Simple Hoof Shoe, Size 2, Brown I use a few sentences of these boots for a brood mare with permanent abcess. When using the boots for abcesses or hoof wounds, make sure you take the hoof pack into consideration when determining the required sizing. Had to order a naked hoof sized to fit the hoof pack.

There is a snag that mud/dust/debris can build up in the boots. Be careful to burglarize the boots over a period of elapsed times to prevent bruises and soreness.

Barfußstiefel | Horse accessories

The Easyboot Trail boots are simple to attach and detach. It is fully openable and allows you to put on and take off easily over most hoof forms and sizing. Two Velcro fasteners at the back protect the whole hoof and keep the shoe tight. The robust polyurethane-soles offer outstanding stability and adhesion on any surface.

Corrosive design offers serious tractive effort and good feel. has launched a new and enhanced "Generation 2" Old Mac Multi-Purpose Horse Boots in cooperation with Old Mac's. A finely balanced redesigned previous G2 boots for a slimmer look, better fit and longer life. A new profile that offers aggressiveness while at the same time removing strain on the delicate inner hoof structure is one of the most beneficial of all.

Whilst tractive effort is essential, very agressive tractive effort can slow down a horse's normal movement and put more strain on your horse's articulations, sinews and limbs. G2 provides shock absorption at the bottom (the spring system), while the profile can "grip" the street or other demanding terrain. Easyboot Epic is perfect for the barefooter in the mud or for a horse that tends to lose its boots.

Equipped with a flat comfort strap for lower-heelers. Contains an enhanced casting strap system and an enhanced gaiter to offer additional safety and prevent the Easyboot from getting dirty and foreign objects. The product also assists in harsh environments such as sludge, snows and rain.

A great boots for long haul rides. The new Mac 2015 hoof boots feature a uniquely high-tech sole with the new Mac 2015's proprietary hoof suspension system. New Mac consists of a specifically designed Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) blend that minimises shock and reduces recuperation times for shock-induced injury. This is a great choice for recreational riders (less than 25 mile per week) and can also be used as a therapeutic shoe.

When your horse is suffering from one of the following diseases - osteoarthritis, broken bones, ilebone, ring bones, laminitis, squashed feet or overstretching of the sole, the New Mac Horse Boots will help your horse. Easyboot Glove is a new, groundbreaking shoe desig! These shapely, seam-free boots cling to the hoof and react like a normal shoe.

Versatile and durable, the boots give the hoof more grip while providing a free step and a good break over. Just like a gloves, the boots offer shelter without restricting freedom of movement. Shoe stretch over the hoof and adhere to the walls to keep rubble out of the boots even in sand and mud.

The glove has no settings on the glove, so you must take measurements in millimetres to get the exact glove length. Do not expect to use the same glove when wearing a specific shoe in a different bootstyle. Easy-boots outperforms boots 3 to 1.

Reduce impacts on tough ground and improve grip on soft or non-slip ground. It is also used to correct and treat hoof ailments. In order to find the right Easyboot horse boot height, the hoof of the horse should be measured at the broadest point above the ground. The new Easyboot Back Country brings the Easyboot Glove Back Country to the next stage.

The new, thinner Comfort Cup Gaiter is integrated into the back of the shoe, providing the latest technologies to provide supportive and protective comfort for the area. Fully convertible: Mounted on the Easyboot Glove frame, this shoe can be transformed into an Easyboot Glove or Easyboot Glue-On. Easy to put on and take off, remains safe on the hoof.

It has a built-in drain and is suitable for the right or right hoof. With cast-in back cover for maximal lamp safety.

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