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The horses were well built and placed near the house, as they were very valuable draught animals. There is a stable on the right side of your house, I see, if you leave your horse there, will it always be there? There are eight toy horses in this beautiful wooden stable, each in its own stable.


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Inquiry about horse barns | Blog

Nowadays we are hearing more and more question about horse stalls. In order to provide you with the most frequently asked information, we have compiled this page with important information about the stable. These are some good advice you can use when you are considering constructing a secure stable for your horse.

The following important points that you should consider when designing a stable are covered in this section. First of all, when constructing stands, you can select between boxes (loose) and ties (standing) stands. For boxes for a medium-sized saddle horse, the dimensions of the stable should be at least 3×3 metres to 3.6×3.6 metres.

That is only the minimal requirement and it is advisable to construct a larger barn if possible. This measurement of horse barns has been established by the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council, Recommendded Code of Practice for The Care and Handling of Farm Animals. In the case of ties stands, the min. dimensions are 1.5 metres in width and 2.4 metres in length.

There should be enough room in the stable for the horse to lay down well. In addition, a stable should be made of stable wood with up to 1.4 m high partitions. That'?s how the ponies can see each other. Attempt to use as many window as possible in the stable version.

In order that the horse does not break the jar, the window should be closed with a thick net. Corridors between stands should be at least 3 metres in width. As there is usually a crèche for straw in front of the necktie barn, the width of the crèche should be taken into consideration when designing the barn.

Equestrian stable should have a powerful texture to which to bind. It is also important to remember that the horse cannot walk over the hauling cable, but can still get access to nourishment and drink. There is a choice of slide and swing door designs for the stable.

Criteria for the door are that it should be at least 1.2 metres in width and the locks should be openable, but not so simple that the horse can open the door itself. Entrance door to the granary should be lock. The floor coverings for stalls are many and varied.

The most common floor covering used in horse sheds. Do not dewater concretes or stones in a natural way, so you should either place outlets in the boxes or at least prevent the formation of Ammonia by cleaning the boxes thoroughly. Although tough surfaces such as cement are much more easy to maintain, many individuals opt to use rubber-like flooring to enhance the riding experience of their horse.

It is simplest to get off the ground, which can be warm and quiet, but also more hard to clear. In the next stage, the horse stables' blankets are planned. Blankets should be high enough for the horse to lift his bonnet up. Whereas 2.4 metres is the default stall for small ponies, larger ponies need higher blankets.

Also the blankets should be inspected for security so that no projecting pins protrude from the first level that could injure your horse's heads inadvertently. Not least, the illumination and cabling of horse stalls for the horse should be made secure. The illumination should be placed so that there are a minimal number of areas that are too dim.

Incandescent lamps and switch should be placed out of the horse's range and the incandescent lamps should also be enclosed in security shells.

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