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Illustrated Horse Subscription

Monthly magazine for riders and their horses. Find out about different breeds, training methods, horse care and more. The Horse Illustrated promotes meaningful, intelligent horse keeping through information and entertainment.

Horse- Illustrated Magazine | Everything for you and your horse

The Horse Illustrated Magazin is an information source for those who are riding and exercising the horse. If you are the horseman, the coach or both, you will love this journal and profit from it. It contains information about the many different horse races, horse trainings in the West and England style, as well as everything you need to know for the care of your horse and its nutrition.

You' ll find this book both interesting and enjoyable. Subscribe to Horse Illustrated today! If you have worked with the horse all your lifetime or just recently began to ride, you will love to read and learn through your subscription to Horse Illustrated journal. In every edition you will find great information about the horse and different races.

It has traits on all of the most frequent horse types you will find, as well as rarer races. In every edition of this journal there is something interesting to look at. The Horse Illustrated also offers you everything you need to know about horse education and horse backpacking.

Whether you are riding and exercising in one or the other or both, you will enjoy looking at all the exercise items you will find in this app. Horse Illustrated Magazine's Horse Carriage section makes sure you are always clear about the best ways to look after your horse.

You' ll have fun to read all the interesting subjects included in every edition of this magazine. You' ll find out how you can progressively modify your horse's nutrition to keep it fit and in good health, immunization policies, various illnesses and wounds that occur in the horse, and many other useful issues.

You can become an educated horseman and coach by signing up for Horse Illustrated now! It' an educational and enjoyable publication. These photos are wonderful and there are many good horse grooming hints. If you are a horse enthusiast, a horse lover or a horse riding profession el, you will surely appreciate this lightweight and easily readable book.

I' d especially suggest this journal for those who have never possessed a horse and need some essential information to start it. It is an easily readable journal with useful information about horse backpacking and horse keeping for the general rider/owner, especially for beginners. Nice pictures, good "general" horse products.

There are no detailed items that are of interest to most experienced drivers. You will enjoy the article, images and learn about silent horse riding. They gave me the necessary information in anticipation about how to handle my horse. good products. It' s quite instructive. I' ll always be subscribing to this issue, but it's dramatically different.

Nobody takes care of prescriptions for HUMANS. It' s less contained now and although I longingly expect it, I just walk past the new receipts and items that are not horse information. Consider throwing away the foolish prescriptions and giving us horse prescriptions for nourishing snack foods etc. instead. This time the mag has got smaller and it's crammed with things that have nothing to do with horses.

Get back to the essentials of this beautiful mag. Lovin' the handy items that allow me to use the information. I' m a horse-racing teacher and often I' m sharing stories about horse-racing that my pupils would find useful. Ideal for all horse lovers, young and old!

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