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Latin horse

Originally I had planned to write this whole article in Pferdelatein, but I was afraid it might frighten some of you, so I held back. Equine Latin is simply adding sounds to existing words. Do you have to translate "horse" into Latin? A Latin translation of the English word "horse". Esperanto, English, Latin (indirectly translated), info horse, common name.

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Qidquid id est, time Danaos et donaerentes, do not rely on the horse, Trojan! Vergil, Aeneis II, 48 and 110-113 and 150 (edited and interpreted by H. Rushton Fairclough, Virgil with an Englisch version I, 1916) equo ne credit, Teucri. Don't confide in the horse, you Trojans. See illustrious horses on the pony rope exclusive heels and terrows oyster oysters; premature, in the context of the horse's trot bus, stares horse, totally etheric.

Especially when the horse over there was standing surrounded by rays of sycamore, stormy skies resounded in the skies. quo molem hand immanis equi statuere? a? For what purpose did they build this vast horse body? Vergil, Georgicon II, 541-542 (edited and interpreted by H. Rushton Fairclough, Virgil with an English translation I, 1916) Sed nos immensum spaatiis confecimus anequor, | et im am temptus equum fumantia solvere colla. 1916.

Second-declination cabinallus, shape in vulgar Latin.

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A comparison is also made with Old Greeks via www.bak. ch (kabáll?s, "nag"), again possibly a loan from a Balkan, Anatolian or North Eastern Europaanguage. Check Ottoman cavalry, addition of at ("horse"), proto-Slavic *kobýla. Classical Latin uses the term horse equal, and the term cuballus is only used by a poet. Only later, in Vulgar and Late Latin, does Kaballus appear in everyday life.

The Equus Latin Dictionary

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