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Scientists know all about old horses from the fossil remains of their skeletons. Information on horses, horses for sale, small horse advertisements. Children get to know the horse, including terminology, colours, food, wild horses and more. A complete source for hard-to-find horse books, videos, training videos, horse management software and pedigree software. Well, horses are really cool animals, and they love people as much as we love them.

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The Equidae are equidae relatives. They share the same horse, the Equus Caballus. At least 5000 years ago it was domesticized by people from game. They' re big, powerful creatures, and some races are used to haul large burdens. An unisex horse is a stud, and a unisex horse is a filly.

A young horse is generally called a foal. The young feminine horse is a fillingy and the young masculine horse is a filly. The neutered horse is a Gelding. The hoofs of a horse must be protected from uneven or uneven surfaces by a horseshoe. Fifty million years ago there were no animals as we know them today.

The North American Eohippus and the Euro-Asian Hyracotherium are named after the oldest fossilized horse. For at least 5000 years they have been domesticated[6] They are used by people in many different ways for travelling, working, eating and having fun. Horse galleries were used in the wars until the mid twentieth Century.

Well, some folks keep a horse as a pet. Today they are used mainly for fun and sport. Equestrian sport such as cross-country, show jumping, training, horse pole, rock and more. Jumping, cross-country and training are Olympian disciplines. "Equus " is the old Roman term for horse. Horse is a woman horse.

Sometimes other feminine horses are also referred to as broodmares. On her third day of birth she is known as a filly. No. Mothers who want to breed are summoned in season. Here are some well-known horse races among the hundred that exist: System natura per regione triae naturaae:secundum class, ordine, genera, spectrum, cum charakteribus, difference, synonymis, locis.

Horse: the horse family's tradition in the contemporary worid and through sixty million years of ancestry. Derivation of the metabolism warmth in the horse during training.

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