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In order to get new horses, players can either buy them at a market or breed two horses together. Any tools that use this information? Pferdesinn (public information film) The Horse Senses is a UK based information documentary made by the BHS in collaboration with the Department for Transport's Think! to illustrate the risk that riders are not paying the due amount of notice to those using the roads for horse backsliding. It was shown in 2003 and 2004, with a short repetition at the beginning of 2009.

In spite of the efficacy of the campaign, the movie was limited to being shown on TV last thing evening and its effect was based on being shown on the web. Now, the foil is often used to advertise the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test and is shown to the candidate on a regular basis at the beginning of their test.

It shows a mom on her horse and her daugther on her bangs on an open country lane. Equestrian and equestrian wear appropriate protective gear. Drivers in Ford cars drive along the same track and meet the horse. Drivers refuse to allow enough room between their cars and ponies, use their horns to draw people' interest and turn the engines, and try to drive in confined spaces without forewarning.

While the young maiden is able to quietly keep on riding her bangs without being diverted, the driver's acts startle the mother's horse, making it behave badly and refusing to react to her rider's orders. Finally the horse becomes very desperate and gets up in front of the vehicle. At the end of the movie there is a still of the frightened horse reflecting on a damaged windscreen, indicating that the vehicle struck the horse and seriously hurt him and his horsewoman.

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