Horse Inspired Jewelry

Jewellery inspired by a horse

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings by Caracol Inspired Jewelry. Store rider jewelry including rider chains, riding bracelets, riding earrings and much more! Jewellery inspired by equestrian sport and intended to inspire!

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Newsbreak - Heaven inspires jewelry - West Coast Cowgirl

Wearing jewelry to underline our own natural beauties, we are proud of our outfits. Jewellery is a great way to tell who you are and what you like. Jewelry in occidental design appeals to the bowgirl in each of us and shows our proudness in the West with the use of tradional items, material and icons.

The pen is a very easy to find icon in many kinds of jewellery in the West. Springs may be tender, but they talk loud. Symbolically, the pen has many connotations. Indian and other tribal peoples all over the globe associate the pen with the breeze, mighty energies like throbbing power and sapience.

High in the skies, flying high in the air, they are nearer to the star, the star and the universe. Many indigenous civilizations see the spirits of the bird as emissaries and bring teachings and knowledge to those who have them. In the end, the pen as a holy emblem for many Indians stands for confidence, honour, fortitude, intelligence, power and liberty the culmination of the highly fashionable pen headgear of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Unfortunately, during this period often extravagant plumes were searched for, which resulted in the demise of many fine bird species all over the canal. There has been a worsening of the habit of using genuine bird nibs in recent times. Nowadays we have artificial springs like those found in the spring box of today's entertainer.

Better feeding practice exists where plumage from more abundant species such as cocks is reaped over time. Springs were used to make a brave declaration in a nice way. Springs are still a favourite item in contemporary fashion in the West and can be found in a wide range of items.

Springs can also bring a little romanticism into your atmosphere. There is a gentle stream of plumes hanging from fine rings that can whisper like the breeze. However, a pen does not have to be a genuine one from a screw. Antique golden or silvery nibs create nice detail, as a tender touch or as a daring centrepiece.

Nibs make a daring and nice message and are a great way to show your westerly outfit. You are invited to have a look at our West Coast Cowgirl product range, where you can find a wide range of articles with a feathery centrepiece or undertones. If you are looking for a present for this particular person or are willing to indulge in something new, we add our own product on a regular basis.

American West and ponies go together. The horse is an élémony of originality and beautifulness and has long since found a place in the world of jewellery. Today, jewellery in occidental styles is loved by those with a broad taste spectrum. This horse is suitable for a multitude of jewellery choices from flashy and glittering, to easy and seductive, and everything in between.

Anything to do with horses as an accessoire can make breathtaking comments to underline your own individuality. More horse-inspired jewellery than horses in profiles and jewellery spores. Today's westerly styles also include other accessoires, as well as purses, such as the Blazing Pony handbag, which you can find on our website.

Equestrian enthusiasts can show their passions with the plain lines of the Wild Hearts Sterling Silver chain. Inspired by silhouetted hearts with some blings, this collar shows a one-of-a-kind horse and a filly with a moving head. There is no closet in west country look without at least a sparkling horse shoe.

According to tradition, a turned-up shoe can keep angry ghosts or misfortune at bay near a doors. With your own sparkling horse shoe you can wear your own happiness, and horse shoe jewellery is difficult to withstand! West-Coast cowgirl has Lucky's chance bracelets with a horse shoe made of crystals on a pearllace.

Complement your horse shoe collections with our Rhiannon rings, swinging horse shoe pole-earings. Cowgirls need the right kind of headgear. When you are as inspired by a horse as we are, you will want one that talks to your horse mind with sophistication.

Availible in the colors Mitternacht, Bordeaux and Sattel, this cap with its classical line and fine detailing reminds of a horse and wonderful sundown. You are invited to take a look at our West Coast Cowgirl collection, where you will find a large selection of jewellery, among them items inspired by the legendary horse of the American West.

No matter if you are looking for a present for someone or want to indulge in something new, we have added new items on a regular basis, so please visit us there.

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