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The new way to shop - the No. 1 for equestrian farms, stables and coaches. Do you have difficulty taking your family to the food storage to collect food? A simpler, cheaper and more pleasant way to get what you need for your horse is at your disposal. With the web and the World Wide Web, horse pros no longer have to waste their valuable hours walking from shop to shop looking for accessories.

You only need a computer, the right softwares and an access to the web to find and buy your product without having to leave your home or work. Horse pros have found many good reason to buy their horses on-line - comfort, diversity and competitively priced. While the advantages predominate the traps of buying on-line, consumers do have some grievances about buying it.

She also realizes that she was occasionally not able to find a particular one. "Sometimes I don't know the exact name of the article, or it's an article that just isn't worn by the firms I know," she says. Shilling finds that she is enjoying the news article contact motion with purchase at a anesthetic staple hardware, thing she doesn't get when she acquisition online.

"I' m old-fashioned enough to appreciate the face-to-face contacts of a small shop whose employees get to know me and who anticipates my needs," she says. "It can also be hard to determine the qualities or appropriateness of some of our customers' purchases when they shop on-line, which also applies to catalogue purchases," added Mr. Shill.

When you are used to shopping shelves for accessories, wormers, tacks and other horsehair supplies at a drawing pin and feeder store, you will be surprised at how many more varieties you can find on-line. Many websites are selling all these and more, and because they don't have the limited spaces retail sellers suffer, they can provide a whole bunch more variation.

Whilst additions and other healthcare items are favourite items for buying from horse pros on-line, you can find almost every article on the web. One of the main reasons for the convenience of on-line buying is that some of the major horse related sites are operated by catalog merchants. These vendors consider web sites just another way to order items that they see on first.

The simplest way for the customer to order online, rather than over the telephone or by post in an order blank, is the preferable way to shop on the web. A lot of horse pros go to several pages when they shop online. Other people just do general online searching using keyword browsers or go to online sales pages.

Favourites for horse-specific online websites include Valley Vet, Stateline Tock, KV Vet, Jeffers equine, Dover Saddlery, American Livestock Supply, Smartpak and United Vet Equine (see web address sidebar). This site sells a range of nutritional supplementation, deworming agents, stickiness, stable accessories and equestrian clothing.

They are often cheaper to buy through the online shop, even with postage and processing fees. As well as the large websites selling a wide range of items, the World Wide Web offers a number of specialised online shops selling horse-related items. is a company that is active in the sale of articles for horseback rides and stamina, while Back In the Saddle ( is a company that is active in the sale of presents and novelties for horse enthusiasts. The Washoe Valley Farriers Supply ( is an exclusive distributor of farrier's supplies, and Westmall ( is an exclusive supplier of West German clothing and tacks. Some horse producers also sell their horse care directly through web sites.

A way to find these specialised pages is to go to a horse clearing centre such as Equisearch ( The Equisearch website contains a list of different website locations and "hot links" to these pages so that the user can go directly to these online shops with just one mouseclick.

Common horse products like Google ( and Yahoo ( are also good ways to find just about any horse products you want to buy on the web. Browse these pages to find a variety of web pages that contain the item(s) you are looking for. Online auctioning is another favorite way to buy stacks and can be great bargain deals.

One of the best websites for buying (and selling) horse related items is Ebay and Horse Net (see Web address sidebar). Professionals can find bikes, toe straps, harnesses, saddles and a wide range of exercise machines at good value - many vendors are lucky to get away with whatever they sell.

You will be surprised at how varied the offer is, as both retail and business dealers take part in online sales. Even though first-time online auctioning is sometimes perceived as daunting, the procedure is relatively simple. On the home page of each item you will find a box on which you can specify the item you are looking for.

When you are interested in a specific feature, just click on the name of the respective part. You will be taken to a page with one or more pictures of the article, together with the bid details and a more precise explanation of the article. Providing comfort, pace, variety as well as competitively priced, online horse grocery is a great way for horse pros to get what they need.

On the following pages you will find a wide range of horse related items, from bit to blanket:

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