Horse Jewelry


Sterling silver horse jewelry for the horse lover. Necklaces, horses, bridle pieces, horseshoes, foxes, earrings, rings, bracelets more....

. The Ashley' s Fine Equestrian Jewelry was created in memory of a wonderful and loving horse with a heart of gold.

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Jewellery for horses - Bracelets - Ring - Necklaces

As well as collars, wristbands or circles in the west and England style are a good way to show your passion for the horse and your work. Montana Silversmith, Finishing Touch or Kelly Herd seem to have no end to the nice style you can find. You can also find handbag and wallet designs along with our wide range of riding decorations.

We have a wide range of breathtaking horse jewellery for ladies and horse presents for youngsters. All horse lovers will be happy with our presents and jewellery! Jewellery in English and West style is the ideal way to communicate your passion for horse riding and/or equitation.

Jewellery for horse enthusiasts, made by top artisans such as Kelly Herd, Finishing Touch and Montana Silversmith. The colours and surfaces of the jewellery range from sterling silver via golden to blue, purple and amber. When you are looking for a suitable kit, Kelly Herd's jewellery may be the right one.

For more than two decade-long history, Endishing Touch has been providing horse lovers with jewelry made in America. Montagn Silversmith - Monttagn Silversmith's design team works and lives in the so-called "Big Sky" land, overlooking the Beartooth Mountains. Montana Silversmith has been creating jewellery and clasps that remind us of the West for more than 40 years.

Different gifts: A few of the other presents we wear involve home decorations, dress, purse and horse presents for youngsters, many of which are specifically designed for those who adore the horse. In addition, we stock clocks, knickknacks, toys, children's play, DVD's, and stationery: The most of them are for the horse lover! If you are looking for horse-wear, shoes or jewellery and presents, we have what you need.

We also have a wide range of special offers, such as buying an article, free presents when buying a certain article, free mail-order activities, as well as products liquidation and auctioning.

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