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Hanging helmet: The jockey standing up explains.

You ever wonder why yockeys carry what they carry? This jockey, carrying rose-colored Polka points, doesn't do it for the sake of individual flavor. What about the pants that look a little transparent? The 37-year-old race veteran and driver of more than 2000 champions, Darren Gauci, was approached for the low-down. Holder colors (silk) are also carried over the hat.

BOGGLES: Glasses keep the jockey's eye from the dirt and dirt that the horse whirls up in front of them, so they're usually just carried on racing days. Glasses are the cheap part of the jockey kits. For less than $10, you can collect a couple. SILK (COLOURS): They are the colors of the horse owner's or trainer's horse that the jockey rides.

Together with the bridles (the hat that was used to steer a horse) and the rein, they're the only thing a jockey will use on track days that he doesn't own. Silk is provided by the proprietor or coach. They put several kits on the track when they have more than one horse run a night, especially when it's damp and the silk is likely to be splashed in the silt.

Well, it's a one size fit all - men and girls inclusive - in the competition. Skiivvy: Among these colors, Jockeys carry a skiivvy, light net or micro fiber for running and possibly something heavier for track work. "Could stop you from fracturing a rip when a horse kicks you," said Mr. Gauci.

BREAKES: Most Jockeys have four or five sets of races trees, and with the importance of such a crucial part of motorsport, how much a set of trees weights can be a decisive consideration. Gauci said that the weights range from 200 to 50 g, with heavy watertight models.

Jodhpurs is the only kind of sports sponsorship. Since 2013, LUCRF Super has been the proud sponsorship of the jodhpurs. Revenue goes to the National Jockeys Trust to help yockeys who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses. A few drivers are wearing mittens, but Mr Gauci said that he prefers nothing between his hand and the rein.

Whereas robust, knee-high leathers are the optional equipment for track construction, a light weight boot is required on trackdays. SHADDLE: Most yockeys have three or four racers' seats for different conditions. When a jockey weights 54 kg in a run that allows him to reach 57 kg, there would be no need to opt for a light seat.

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