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Hickstead was one of those horses. You will find all issues of Horse Journal at our kiosk. Receive the Horse Journal subscription and get your digital magazine on your device. Published every two months, the Performance Horse Journal is dedicated to Reining, Cutting, Roping, Barrel Racing and other scheduled events. Sonoma County Horse Journal is published about four times a year to inform and entertain readers.

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This is the horse grooming and maintenance manual for every horse owners. Horse Journal's aim is to offer our reader convenient information and useful hints to take with them to the stable. The Horse Journal is working on developing referrals for what we believe will best benefit our readership while maintaining a back-to-the-basics approach to education, feeding and horse wellbeing.

The Horse Journal does not take part in any kind of business advertisement.

those wonderful westerdale mares

Of the 64 Clydesdale sires and bitches that have been entered for 2017, eight were born by Clydesdale mare from Westerdale, by Dale Rosenke, Olds, Alberta. In 2017, two of Westerdale Friendly Fiona's subsidiaries were Reserve All-American Mars. This is certainly proof of Rosenke's successful breeding of Clydesdale cats.

Sales report from page 103 of the summer issue! Gordyville sent an overall averaging of $9,109 in 2018. That' only' 8 dollars more than last year, but it is still the high. The filly madness was obvious when the Belgium broodmares reached an annual $9,149, which is a more than $300 high.

Like the overall mean, the recording was only one year old. Percheron mothers had an annual mean of $11,153. Impressively, he was $521 below last year's uncommonly low averages. His only broodmare sold for more was also a Percheron, at the Gordyville Sale 2009, for two more giants, named and named from Bittersweet United Surprise.

See the full Mid-America Sale Review, plus Mid-Ohio, Southern Indiana, Waverly Midwest Spring Sale & many more in this edition! In the morning, hear the sound of a horse! The 2011 All-North America Challenge is an event that provides a historic photographic documentation of the best holsters exhibited throughout Canada and the United States.

In mathematical terms, it is best described as "the consensus view of the vast majority of the US and Canada's contemporaries". The American Shire Horse Association and the CSA are proud to work together.

You will find results and pictures in spring 2018 DHJ, pages 76-79 or on our website.

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