Horse Jump Brackets

Jumping mounts for horses

Black pair of plastic jump cups. Zoom in - Plastic Jumping Cups Black Pair. The safety release is not FEI approved. The Stubbs Barrel Jump Cups are available online with fast delivery from VioVet, the trusted supplier of veterinary medicines, food and pet care products. Holes must be *completely flat and centered*, otherwise your cup will not fit.

Key Holes & Jump Cups

In addition to the additional Jump Mugs purchased from us, our Jump Mugs are also popular for those who want to get a few more Jump Mugs they already have at home, as they also match onto regular metallic key hole rails! If you need large quantities, we can work out a specific offer for you.

Those who purchased them also purchased jumpfiller. PRICELIST WITHOUT SHIPPING COSTS! This is a must for young and old alike, as well as for youngsters. PRICELIST WITHOUT SHIPPING COSTS! 1x 50 cm key hole rail set incl. 1 x Premier Jump Cups. PRICELIST WITHOUT SHIPPING COSTS!

2x pair (4 x rails) of 50cm key hole course with 2x pair of Premier Jump Cup. PRICELIST WITHOUT SHIPPING COSTS! "Horse Jump Warehouse, we've got our jump mugs, thank you!

Safty cups

At 85 kg, the beaker is pressed down and slips out of the bottom of the locking system. It is also a cost-effective and efficient way to train your horse. Ideal for practice fields, youngsters, riding stallions and all those who are looking for a safe jumper-fun. Attention: This security system is specially designed for our Jump Cups.

The trip unit is not FEI-certified.

The Stubbs Barrel Jump Cups

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