Horse Jump Names


Like the name suggests, a router is an x-shaped jump. So, for one thing, what are the names of some of the jumps. A horse's bow when it jumps over a fence. A race without jumps.

Horse jumping styles

The following jump modes are used: Standing - A jump consisting of bars or boards arranged directly on top of each other without the need for a spreader or jumping width. Oxper - Two vertical bars closely together to continue the jump. This is also known as the spreading. Quadratic oxide - (Sometimes also known as box oxide):

The two upper bars are of identical size. Rising ox ("Ramped oxer"): Downscaling oxide (usually known as offset oxide): The sticks are tilted in opposite direction so that they seem to take an "X" when viewed. Crossbar - not common in penalized horse shows, sometimes also known as " crossbars", two bars crossing one end of each bar lie on the floor and on jumping standard, so that the middle is lower than the sides.

It is used at small shows and for training to help the horse jump into the middle of the area. Walls - This kind of jump is usually made like a brickwall, but the "bricks" are made of a light weight and are easy to drop when hit. The Hogsback - A three-rail spreader with the highest bar in the middle.

Fountain pen - This is not a kind of fencing, but a fixed part under the bars, such as window box or a roll-top. Combo - usually 2 or 3 steps in a line, with no more than 2 steps in between. The 2 skydives in a line are referred to as doubles, and 3 skydives in a line are triples.

When a horse rejects the second or third item in one of these combos, he must jump the entire combo again, not just the obstacles he misses. Fans - The tracks on one side of the gate are distributed by default so that the gate takes the form of a ventilator when seen from above.

Wild - A fencing that consists only of a country-style (or unpainted) railing and two leaves. A horse's shortage of fillers makes it hard to assess the closeness to the barrier and the level of the barrier, which makes it a fiddly barrier that is usually only found in the top division and is against the law in some competition.

Jump Type - The different kinds of jump fencing.

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