Horse Jumping 4

Equestrian jumping 4

Check out our website to play Horse Jumping 4 or other great animal games! The Horse Jumping 4 is a real challenge for all horse lovers. Horse Jumping 4 free online game! Racehorses on tracks in the forest! Horse Jumping 4 lets you choose a horse and an outfit for your rider.

Equestrian jumping 4

The Horse Jumping 4 is a true challange for all horse enthusiasts..... Use the up button to accelerate, the down button to decelerate, and the right button to move. Watch out for the endurance beam so that your horse does not get too weary.

And if you're interested in playing more matches, you're on the right side.


The newest and most fun horse jumping match for youngsters, Horse Jumping 4 requires you to do your best to earn more and more points to become one of the best horsemen and to win tournaments and championships.

You have to follow the directions in this match to know what to do, and you have to prove your skills and dexterity to achieve your goal of scoring as many points as you are at the top of the best team. All that counts in the new play is to leap over all the obstructions you have on your path along with the horse you are training, you have been growing so you get so nicely and catered for.

It' s quite a tough match, so we have to try several attempts until you reach the goal successfully and have a shot at becoming a top play.

Equestrian jumping 4

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