Horse Jumping Clothes

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Showwear: Show Jumping, Show Jumping - Five Furlongs ( You are in serious need of updating before you and your horse compete next.

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USEA, Eventing Refresher Course - What to Wears

Now that the sporting calendar has started in many parts of the nation, it is a good opportunity to refresh the right clothing for USEA-approved shows. A fur in deep colour or black fur is necessary for the training period, unless the soil committee has refrained from doing so due to excessive temperature.

You should wear a bright or whitish shirts with a shaft, collar or necktie. The jodhpurs must be bright or clear and your shoes can be either red or blue. Jodhpur shoes with full-grain flat leathers are also allowed. When wearing a glove, it should be either red, yellow, brown, yellow or red.

In the Intermediate and Advance stages it is not possible to wear wearing double jackets and tailings. Glove are needed in either black or red and spores are also obligatory. Flogging is allowed during the competition except in the championship classes (Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships and USEA Area Championships).

Wear a body armour when you warm up off-road and on the track. Waistcoats are allowed, but must be carried over a body armour. You can have your own trousers and your own glove in any colour, but you will need to wear your sleeve (even without fuel filler top or shirtless shirts). Kick -offs are following the same regulations as the competition.

You can download medicine maps from the USEA website and buy bracelets from the USEA webshop. During the jumping period, a sweater in either black or tweedy (not Intermediate or Advanced) must be used with a top with shaft, collar or necktie. Glove should be a deep colour, light brown, cream or red.

Pants should be bright or clear, while shoes can be in either red or yellow. Jodhpurs with a flat, full-grain part of the legs are also allowed. Helmet and their coverings must be monochrome in either colour navy or navy blu. It is possible that in one-day competitions, where cross-country jumping follows jumping directly, you may be allowed to participate in your cross-country clothing in your jumping round.

What to carry to a USEA-approved meeting? Please do not hesistate to get in touch with the USEA-Bureau!

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