Horse Jumping Poles for Sale

Jumping sticks for sale

Sell Horse Jump Standards. Ancient Dominion vault standards are built for a long life! Three striped white poles in one of five standard colours. Our wooden poles are milled from high quality pine wood.

Jump posts made of wood with or without stripes

When you select "Assorted colors", enter the desired color. Select "4 poles", "Sorted colors", enter in the field: "New: (1) GrĂ¼n (2) Schwarz (1) Gelb" jamposts begin as 3.25 inches thick massive wooden posts. Ultimately, the results are fully encapsulated, 3.5-inch thick bungee poles for the horse that never need to be repainted and can withstand all weathers.

Burlingham Sports Perfect Pole has the lightweight nature timber (because it is made of nature wood) and the durable, colour-fast shelf life of moulded plastics. The 10 feet and 12 feet Burlingham Perfect Poles are available in 11 UV-stabilised colours. Both white 8-foot poles and unpainted wooden jumping tracks with a 3 1/2? are available.

These horsetrips have strips cast into the polythene, giving the stick a smooth colour shift without fading, tearing or needing repaint. Burlingham Sports Perfect Pole's striped production processes eliminate the problems associated with cane colouring. This makes the poles last longer.

Not warping like normal piles or fading like colour, they don't decompose like piles or crumble as lightly (wood doesn't crack so readily, but they do) as piles, they are much heavy as PVC piles and even slightly heavy than most conventional piles, all in all they are the ultimative jumping stick for any bullfight.

We make our bungee poles here in California. The US shipment will take about 10 working nights to the East Coastline and a little less for the remainder of the world. Delivery to Canada and Mexico will take at least 10 working day. We' ll give you the delivery possibilities after the cash. "Free " delivery is for MOST US Destinationen.

When you are living on an isle ( "Martha's Vineyard...."), there may be extra delivery charges that we will invoice you before you start work. When you are outside the United States, our "free" shipment will take the cargo to the airfield or frontier and possibly take it across the frontier, about 100 mile.

Your order will NOT be shipped to you until you have had the opportunity to check the real delivery charges.

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