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The Horse Jump Standards With Single Post by Burlingham Sports. Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2013 - Show Jumping The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2013 were won by Jock Paget and Clifton Promise. None of this afternoon's top 23 riders made it onto Richard Jeffery's powerful course, even the top five that preceded him. The kiwi was given a convenient two-fence pillow as he galloped into the stadium on a brand-new looking Clifton Promise.

He was Frances Stead's and Russell Hall's stallion, looking as if he provided the only free space of the evening up to the last gate, bringing four penalty kicks to his overall mark of 37.1 to 41.1. "that went into the stadium.

Celebrise knows his work and jumped well in the warm-up, so I gained a great deal of self-confidence from it and was quite serene. Andréw Nicholson was second and third at last year's winners Avebury and Nereo respectively. "And I thought the jumping track was gonna be a good one. Oxer were perhaps a little higher and broader than normal, so I knew it would require a little jumping," he said.

"Avebury last year and to come back and be second this year; and Nereo is third in Badminton and third here, is very gratifying because it means that they were very stable -- and it's the stability that big contests win."

The Balmoral Park:::: HITS

Nine years to the southwest of Chicago, HITS has transformed this popular nine-decade course into a state-of-the-art show jumping arena with nine roomy ring competitions, five of which are showrests for hunters and four for show jumpers, one of which is a magnificent Grand Prix arena. From the air-conditioned 4,467-seat grandstand, visitors and supporters can watch all the showcases.

Past Racetrack visitors will be able to see the authentic dead body and finishing line from the historical track that the HITS range has carefully incorporated into the new circuit, along with authentic relicts, photographs and souvenirs to keep the track memorytact. origin to the public: Celebrate a family fun at Balmoral Park in Crete, IL.

The entire revenue from the sale of Saturday Grand Prix tickets goes to the HITS Balmoral Park's charity. Have a look at our HITS Chicago Spectator Packet before the show! From NORTH: Take I-94 Express and I-94 East to IL-394 South towards Danville. Take a right onto the South Dixie Highway (IL-1).

You will find HITS Balmoral Park on the right hand side. SOUTH: Take IL-1 northbound to Chicago. You will find HITS Balmoral Park on the right hand side. Viewers can have lunches in the HITS Restaurant Pavillon or the HITS Bar & Grill and find a grass-covered place on the berm while observing some of the best show jumpers in the game.

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