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Waiuku Town District, New Zealand. The Horse Jump Warehouse - Homepage For use in pony clubs, horse centres, horse training centres....

. or simply for a complete kit for training at home! for show jumper here in Christchurch...and our horse jumps are available to everyone in New Zealand who participates in show jumper sport. from the deep south to the summit of the north (and everywhere in between).

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A series of ground-breaking sport equipment for the safety-conscious horseman. Probably the most secure training area on the scene today and used by many training groups and tournament boards. Founded in 2001 with a catalog of 4 items, the business has developed into a wide selection of jumps (polyethylene and wood), training grounds and stables produce.

We' re the longest standing supplier of diving and arenas in New Zealand. Keith and Raewyn are a frequent Horse of the Year Show dealer who like to meet local residents to talk about their needs, wishes and demands and are proud to be associated with the Pony Club, Adult Training Clubs, for the Disabled Groups, Equestrian Coaches, dressage, show jumper and events groups and personal training facilities throughout New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia.

From Liverpool (England) Keith's early contacts came with foosball players on the cop line as a boy on a donkey ride on the Blackpool shore. Of course, Keith never thought he would be part of the equine sport, but with Raewyn's perseverance, Keith now realizes that the horse is a necessary part of her life.

Keith's strengths lie in his ability to sell and his painstaking attention to detail in the construction and paintwork of our carpet. Raewyn's affection for horseback riding began when he was 8 years old and grew up with a family. She became passionate about horse possession, competition, care at world class levels (Badminton, Adelaide, Brisbane, NZ), education (ESNZ Development Coach and former Pony Club Instructor) and exercise.

He helps with the sale and likes to work with humans.

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