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At Luxe Farm in Wooler, Ontario, we build extraordinary, unique, individual horse jumps by hand. Notice about colors If you use the jumps only once in a while and don't let them stand in the air too often, oil-based acryl colors are very cute. It is difficult to surpass the harsh, bright colors, especially on show jumpers. However, if you do not like scratching hulled ink, oil-based acryl colors are not ideal because they are prone to lifting somewhere where there may be standing for a while, especially if you have not prepared the crack well.

Ontario's petroleum colors will be almost completely discontinued by September 2011 for ecological considerations. They will not be missed because we have noticed that water-based rubber dyes and pickles are getting better and better. We have found that single-coloured spots are a good way to make jumps, especially in the hunting ring.

Our experiences show that spots do not need a priming, do not exfoliate and there are very low deposits on the area. You can repaint your jumps after a few years to refresh them, and you'll be good for a few more years. Spots are now available in every imaginable color.

If you still crave the shiny look of the old oils, shiny rubber acrylics are a very good replacemen. Either you can specify rubber colours or stain for your order and we will be glad to help you.

Products - Custom Horse Jumps from Luxe Farm

Most of my spare working hours are spent making individual horse jumps, but I can also make nice cereal baskets, assembly blocs and semitrailers by crafts. There'?s no need why your place can't be pretty. Think of a new saddlery with harness stands, paddle stands and locker rooms, all of which have been developed and constructed according to your needs and tastes.

If there is anything else that needs "help," I can do it by putting shape and functionality on your whole yard. Together we can make a leap that is lasting, secure and attractive. I' m glad to construct any part of a horse leap you need, whether it' s complicated or not.

Can I make nice wood supplies such as cereal baskets, assembly units, box walls, saddles stands, bridle stands, ring containers or anything else your yard needs to remain tidy and organised. If your business needs a little pick-me-up or a complete reconditioning, I can put together a complete set of the above mentioned items to satisfy the needs of your barn.

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