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The horse jumps uk

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A fast bay chestnut jumps over a rotten canine.

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Australia News: SA ministers demand banning'barbaric' jumps after'senseless deaths

Southeastern Australia's governing body has urged the state horse race authorities to prohibit jumping after a horse was put to sleep because of a broken horse legs during a crash in the Adelaide Hills. State Race Secretary Leon Bignell urged Thoroughbred Racing SA to react to the event by describing jumps as "cruel and "barbaric".

However, the supervisory authority said that jumping was and would be an" integrated part" of the game. But Thoroughbred Racing SA still forced the teams to hold them. "It' the organization's turn to act and forbid jumps," he said.

The Wheeler Fortune collapsed at the last obstacle of the event and was put down on the course while another horse dropped as well. RSPCA said it was a "recipe for this kind of tragedy" to force a horse to canter long distance as it jumps over obstruction. "Things will go on as long as we allow," said Dr Rebecca Eyers of RSPCA SA on Saturday.

SA said it had restricted supervision of the whole-blood sport because the former libertarian regime corporatized the sport in 2001. He said that the choice to keep on jumping was made by Toroughbred Race SA. Since 2006 79 ponies have been killed in Australia's jumping competitions, since 2009 17 ponies have been dead in SA.

On Monday tens of demonstrators assembled at the Oakbank racetrack to join the call to end the jumps. However Thoroughbred Race SA claimed that the jumps would go well and go on in SA. "It is an integrated part of our industry," said Chairman Frances Nelson on Monday. "On two Easter Eve carnivals alone bring $13 million to the country' sums.

Mr Nelson said about 65,000 people visited the Easter race show at Oakbank each year. She said that without the jumps, the best-attended gathering of the state would "wither". Noelson said she was worried by the event on Saturday, but these happenings were part of the horse race. "I' m a horse fan.

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