Horse Leg Boots

Boots with horse shoes

A pack of Yunbin wrapped hoof soak. Different boot styles, Fit & Custom options allow you to choose the best leg protection for the discipline you are involved in. The Teskey's range offers a complete selection of leg protection for horses, including boots and leg wraps, rail boots and cold therapy boots. Prevent your horse's legs from bumps and interference with our wide range of boots.

Horses leg protection

Your horse's well-being is one of the most important factors in horse owners. High-grade leg protectors that are long-lasting and convenient for your horse give you security when your horse is walsh. Protecting the horse's legs is constantly developing and offers new ways of protecting the area.

Different shoe types, fitting and individual features allow you to select the best leg protectors for each sport.

Legs protection for young ponies

If youngsters are working on the longe or under the horseback for the first time, their coordination is not as good as with more ripeers. Overstretching is when a horse hits the back of his front leg or his heels with the toes of his rear leg. This can be due to incorrect fittings or conformation errors, but is often seen in young ponies that still find their equilibrium under the horse or on the harness.

Equestrian boots cover the lower leg and offer shelter from straying hoofs. Available in a wide range of fabrics, from the classic boots made of hardwearing felt padded leathers to the easy-care wet boots that are very much in demand today. Track boots are a favourite option for youngsters, as they offer additional support on the inside of the leg, where the young horse tends to pad.

They' re designed to sit well and not slip. In order to place rail boots on your horse, place them so that the cushioned part lies on the inside of his leg and the formed shell over the inside of his ankles. Combined boots offer more comprehensive coverage and cover more restraint area.

It can be made of natural or synthetic material, e.g. non-woven lining, padded leathers or wetsuit and can be fastened either as a pull-on version or with a hook and loop fastener. Dressing her is like wearing denim once you've put on your boots - almost impossible! For workhorses see next page 1, 2 .3, 4.

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